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    ... OK, it's took a long time and I'm still playing catch-up, but I've got the digicam working (just about...) so here goes...


    Little Beaver "When Was The Last Time" (Cat Records)

    This is only my second Little Beaver album find... I went straight to side two of the album to enjoy the fantastic "Concrete Jungle" - a superb 5 minutes of mid 70's soulful funk complete with lifting strings that make this a superb dancefloor groover... Bizarre that, as you will guess from the title, the lyrics are somewhat serious, reflecting on the struggle of the poor. Escapism at its finest. Back over to side one for more of the same uplifting, disco-tinged soul - "Listen To My Heartbeat" is difficult to listen to whilst standing still, it is so damn groovy. "We Three" reminds me of an instrumental of Leo Sunship's "Madame Butterfly", complete with Beaver's sitar-soundalike guitar. Add a couple of slow numbers into the mix and I reckon this is a damn good album.

    Cheers to Hadrian for droppin' knowledge on this...

    Ural Thomas "Can You Dig It... Live!" (Revue)

    I don't know and can't find any information on our Mr Thomas, so I'd appreciate your help. This album claims to have been recorded live in Seattle (no date given) but it is "live" in the same way that those James Brown albums from the early 70's were "recorded live" - if you know what I mean. As for the music, well - I suppose the JB analogies continue, with Ural sounding and struttin' a lot like Bobby Byrd, hard soul vocals over a tough R&B style band with some rawkus Hammond playing. Gives the whole thing a sound some might call "the funk". You'd guess late 60's... Check out "The Instrumental" (doesn't lie to ya), the title track, "The Right Time" and "The Thing In G" for some fast, uptempo R&B funk. But what else did Ural Thomas release? LP's? 45's?...

    Ramon Morris "Sweet Sister Funk" (Groove Merchant)

    I supposed this is best known to beatheads and hip hoppers as one of the versions of "People Make The World Round" used by DJ Shadow to contruct the Blackalicious classic "Swan Lake". But, don't be fooled into labelling this as a one-trick pony! If that mid 70's Groove Merchant funky jazz sound is your kinda bag, then you are going to find much joy listening to Ramon blow his funky jazz sax on tracks like "First Come, First Serve", "Sweet Sister Funk" and "Sweat". Top stuff.

    S.O.U.L "What Is It" (Musicor)

    ...ahh, good things come to those who wait! I'll stand accused of collecting trophies, but what an album it is! "Down In The Ghetto", "Burning Spear", "S.O.U.L" - awesome stuff. (stop press) I also found a copy of "Down In The Ghetto" on 45 this month... didn't know that existed, I always assumed there were just the two 45's off this LP...?

    Demon Fuzz "Afreaka!" (Janus)

    Haven't seen the UK original of this album for quite some time, so made-do with this US issue when one was offered to me for a most reasonable price. There's not much I can say about this that you don't already know, so I'll just say "Hymn To Mother Earth" knocked me off my feet the very first time I heard it and still does to this day.

    Slim Smith "Memorial" (Trojan)

    All thanks to our long-lost brother Towny, who dropped the knowledge on this about 12 months ago and has had me searchin' for one ever since. Whether you like this or not depends on your love of reggae I suppose... It's not one of those, I dunno, Mittoo LP's that has mass appeal across the board for example. The big track on this is "My Conversation" - a crawling paced rock-steady with a piano hook that will still be going around in your head months after you first hear it. In fact, for ever.

    Rudy Ray Moore "The Dirty Dozens Vol 1" (Cherry Red)

    Smut. Nothing in the way of tunes, just vocal grot.

    Nina Simone "It Is Finished" (RCA)

    .. and I suppose in a small way Nina, it is.. Well, my quest to get this LP for peanuts is... "Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter" is absolutely brilliant. Wanted this for aaaaaaages. Forgot about it for many years and always kept having those intermittent "why haven't I got this..?" moments. In fact, I've probably walked around tellng people that I own a copy... duurrr.

    Candi Staton "I'm Just A Prisioner" (Fame)

    I've owned the title track on a 45 for many moons and my search for the LP was finally ended during February. Not an easy (or cheap!) album to find. You really get a feeling for what a talent Candi Staton was on this album. Recorded at Muscle Shoals Studio Alabama in 1971, she must have only been a young bairn as she adds her gospel-tinged vocals to "I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than A Young Man's Fool)", "Do Your Duty" and the fantastic title track.

    (stop press)Soul Stew dropped "I'd Rather Be..." at the Light Bar in Cambridge last night off a Fame 45 and it totally rocked the place. Awesome tune!

    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.

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    information on Ural thomas

    Hi, I am posting this for my good friend and fellow musician Ural thomas who is alive and well in Portland Oregon, USA. He has released other music during his long career and would be happy to share it with you, please contact him at 503 281 0822. please remeber we're 12 hours behind you so when it's midnight your time it's 6pm here. You can also reach him through me by my email address which is [email protected]. Thanks for your interest! Evan Shlaes (for Ural Thomas)