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Spring Chartage from Bristol

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  • Spring Chartage from Bristol

    Well it's been a while, so as the days get longer and the Spring equinox starts to loom, time to dig through the chaff and get the digital camera out....

    Nice Nine from Bristol for March

    Bergendy Egyuttes 'Beat Ablak'

    saw this mentioned on the board recently - as I'd just picked a copy up, thought I'd put it up. Great version of 'Tramp' as opener and closer to the LP, plus the cover of The Rattles' 'The Witch', as well as 'Black Night', '25 or 6 to 4', and an extremely scary rendition of 'Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips With Me...'

    Tristan Janero 'Meet Tristan Janero' (White Whale)

    Lovely lovely lovely LP fusing sunshine pop with Brazilian sensibilities and gorgeous female vocals - always been a bit expensive but managed to turn up a cheap one on the net, well worth it. Seems like the band ran out of time though, as the last track on side two is a ten minute long jazz instrumental.

    Gordon Turner 'Sleep' (Elysion)

    One of the more strange productions by Shel Talmy, this album on an obscure Transatlantic subsiduary features 'world-famous healer' Gordon Turner speaking what frankly sounds like pseudo-mystical tosh over some gentle harp music. Bit of a change from the Who and The Kinks.

    Justin Wilson 'Caught Dem Fish' (Delta)

    hmmm... Cajun comedy album about fish. Not sure how and why this got to a charity shop in South Gloucestershire, probably best not to ask. In the post to Mr Scruff, I think!

    Jazz Hip Trio 'Jazz In Relief' (Major Minor)

    so....I got to the big Bristol Record Fair pretty late (1.30) and I was looking half-heartedly through a box and saw this beauty behind the counter. 'How much is that jazz LP down there?' 'It's a fiver but it's put back for someone, you can have it if he doesn't come back.' Not much chance of that I thought, and then bumped into my mate Tim who had reserved it. He already had a copy but saw it as a useful thing to pick up for the price (obviously!). One spare Polish fusion album later, and it's mine!

    Head 'Red Dwarf' (Canon)

    Some weird synchronicity here - heard this for the first time in January from Mr Divine, found one in a Bristol charity a few weeks later. Fierce jazz-rock in the Nucleus style from a Glasgow ensemble.

    Shirley Collins 'The Power of The True Love Knot' (Polydor)

    Another find in my recent trek around the charities of South Gloucestershire - I could scarcely believe it when this 1966 beauty popped out about a dozen records through a huge pile in one shop - followed by a bunch of Topic and Leader LPs, and then a big money classical album. I'd been watching one of these on the bay recently - having failed to ever see a copy in the flesh - and while this one isn't quite in the 'mint' class, 40p is a lot better than £100! Lovely LP featuring Dolly Collins and the Incredible String Band too!

    The Travel Agency (Viva)

    Another recent cheapie from the net, and another great LP I'd not picked up before as it was always a bit pricey. Produced by Snuff Garrett, this is a terrific mix of trippiness ('That's Good'), protest-psych ('What's a Man'), and fuzz ('Cadillac George'). One of the best and most consistent second-wave psych albums I've heard, and strongly recommended.

    Marc Gaye plays and sings My Way (Chorale)

    Rare private press! Well that's almost certainly true.
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    We know when a mate buys it for you too.

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    uuuuuh...i really like that jazz hip trio cover! is it that kind of easy listening 60's jazz that it looks like, or something very different?
    guess i'll never come across that...
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