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  • Scottish Beat and Psych

    Here is a playlist I just made up as a result of a rather geeky (and exciting) discussion on Facebook about private press Scottish beat

    As with other playlists, any other recommendations people can give are much appreciated!

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    Looking forward to listening to this and looking forward to a TRACKLISTING!
    Club stuff:



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      The track list is on it? Well, here it is here as well -

      1. Do Do - Picture of You

      2. Glass Unicorn - Coming Around

      3. Hammy and the Hamsters - She Was Mine

      4. Misfits - Hanging Around

      5. One For the Road - Heartbeat

      6. Phil and the Flintstones - Love Potion No.9

      7. The Revelations - Home in a Glory Land

      8. The Road Hogs - My Generation

      9. The Boys - I Didn't Know What to Do

      10. The Elastic Band - Why

      11. The Fabulous Red Hawks - Mods and Rockers

      12. The Innominates - Satisfaction

      13. Worlocks - Dimples

      I've put a second volume up as well, will post the track list here later