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Flytipper's Mad March Chart [ It's Grim Up North]

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  • Flytipper's Mad March Chart [ It's Grim Up North]

    What Did I Find?

    A Box Of Rare Freakbeat 7"s?
    An Old Suitcase Full Of 1960's British Jazz Albums?
    1000 Northern Soul Singles In The Back Of Cancer Care?

    The Reality My Friends Is A Lot More Truthful-car Boots Are Springing Up And The Pickings So Far Have Been Very Average-come On Kids Be Honest-what Did You Really Find?

    Ok We All Use E-bay But It's Good To Find Out What's In The Fields And Junk Shops Of The World-the Truth Please?

    The Johnny Pearson Orchestra-viva Stereo '70 L.p [a+m] -a Stoned Hippy Chick Stares Out From The Sleeve Of This A+m Latin Tinged Easy Treat-gerald Wilson's 'viva Tirado' Is Given A Groovy Overhaul-very Cinematic-the Rest Washed Over My Noggin' Like A Glass Of Lambrini.

    [max] Greger-in The Night L.p [polydor]-big Train Is A Real Class Tune-the Rest Is Sub-james Last Working Class Caravan Music.
    Good L.p Then.

    Roy Castle-castlewise [philips] A Sleeve To Kill For-anyone Who Was Brought Up Watching Tat Like Record Breakers [if You Wanna Be The Tallest-the Smallest.....etc] Might Appreciate A Listen To The [actually Rather Passable] Vocal And Trumpet Display From Roy C-wally Stott [pre-op] Provides Smooth Orchestration...very Very Average.

    The Crimson Bridge-fill Your Head With [myrhh]-it's Rock-jazz-latin-progressive-blues Folk Sound Boast The Sleeve Notes-it's Crap Says The 'tipper.

    Mel Torme-live At The Maisonette [atlantic] -killer Version Of 'superstition'-1975 L.p That Never Gets A Mention-i Was Blown Away By This-a Big Band Jazz Vocal Workout-a Winner.

    Zimbo Trio-favourite Classical Themes-bossa Nova Style-[philips]-don't Be Put Off By The Use Of The Word Classical-this A Great Little Bossa Album From 1972 - Found This Woth About 10 Other Latin Type Albums Including 3 Copies Of The First Bossa Rio Album!

    Les Humpries-piano Concerto [decca] Looks Crap But Then You Drop The Needle On '
    ramsey's back' [a tribute to the great mr.ramsey lewis i'm thinking] and you're off on a keyboard fuelled mod adventure that will take straight to the dancefloor...thanks to the old lady who sold it to me and to rich hero who helped me out with my alzheimers.....

    Randy Brecker-the Score [united Artists] Yes It's Him - That Boring Sod From The Brecker Brothers But This Is A Really Top Album.
    This 1969 Beauty Features Bernard Purdy On Drums And Includes The Out And Out Dancer-'the Vamp'-found For Cheap And All The Better For It.

    Shorty Featuring Georgie Fame - S/t [epic] Ok So I Got It Off The Bay A While Ago But I Am Just Rediscovering It?
    Anyone Know Who Shorty Were?
    It's Basically A Georgie Fame Live L.p With Killer Takes On 'somebody Stole My Thunder' And More-top Playing By Shorty[?] And Georgie...was It A Contractual Thing?
    Either Way A Brilliant L.p.

    Bob Seger and the last heard-Heavy Music [parts 1 and 2] - cameo parkway 7" - not a newie but a favourite that never fails to impress me-it gets better with every play with it's relentless percussion and heavy heavy soul!
    His first 3 albums were all touched by the hand of cool and then he grew a moustache..and got a leather jacket with tassles on and some silver cowboy boots and then..the silver bullett band-ok so i have never heard them but instinct tells me they suck dinosaur eggs....

    A Quick Thanks Also For The Jean-claude Vannier Album [finders Keepers] And Keep On Digging The Scruffy Damp Cardboard Crates Of The North Of England.anyone Know Anything About Pace-egging?
    A Pagan Ritual That I Am Currently Excited By Thanks To An L.p Of Pagan Folk Tunes By The Awful Watersons.over But Never Out-
    Be Cool Sarge.................
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    Greger In the Night...
    what an excellent name for a record...
    maybe it's just that I find the name Greger funny
    My apologies to anyone named Greger on the board that feel poked fun at...
    "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
    and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


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      Ok We All Use E-bay But It's Good To Find Out What's In The Fields And Junk Shops Of The World-the Truth Please?

      we certainly do all use ebay don't we.........actually i'm surprised that you took the time to compile your own chart here instead of just cutting and pasting somebody elses and retitling it as your a lot of time and effort wouldn't it................


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        here pussy puss puss

        Not Quite Sure Where You Are Coming From But I Hate Your Tone.
        This Is An Honest Reflection Of My Buying Therefore It Becomes A Chart-why Would I Steal From Somebody Else-
        Christ-this Is Meant To Be For Enjoyment You Stress-'ed.
        calm down dear-it's a commercial..........

        can you detect the irony here?
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          can you detect the irony here?

          yep..........can you detect the fact that i think you're a lazy git..........?


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            f-cked up

            man you are such a fool-you sell over-priced over hyped crap [you are responsible for both] i DID use a description of yours once-please don't take it as a compliment-e-bay is an easy,lazy way to make cash...i was tired and desperate and you can't do sod all about it mate..e-bay is faceless and cold and that is the fact of the matter-you buy cabaret albums and sell them to poor japanese kids for big bucks...

            it's the way of the dragon dada.

            LIVE WITH IT MAN.

            the north south divide becomes a huge gaping split thanks to your and your elitist bull.
            cut and paste that into your pipe and sell it for forty quid pus..
            Banned (DJ Anchovy)


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              i always cut and paste descriptions i can never describe anything good enough and some one else normally has on the internet. so i just nick it.... after all it is the same album..


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                new SPOKE release: >>> SEE HERE <<< RKM LIBRARY BEATS


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                  wow flytipper that's a good comeback matey.............not bad for a northener!
                  chill yer boots big boy..........let's try and lessen that 'gaping split' eh........?
                  you northern types aren't all bad i guess..............just a bit weird............i's all chip butties n deep fried mars bars up there innit?


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                    Peace Man

                    Look This Is Over-deep Fried Mars Bars Are A Myth-chips And Steak Puddings Are Good Fodder-flat Caps And Greyhounds Round My Way..

                    Beats Essex Girls And Flat Lager.
                    Sorry Mate.

                    Lets Call It Off Eh?
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                      Cut 'n' Paste

                      Don't Take Sides Mate!
                      Thanks A Lot Though-every One Does It-it's As Natural As Life Itself.

                      Sleep Well...
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                        Wow!!! Just when i thought the VV bulletin board was the nicest ever i'm confronted with this thread

                        If you two have problems then fair enough...but lets not spoil the enjoyment of what this site is all about....and lets not let bruised ego's get in the way...

                        Personally i've never bought any record off e-bay or Gemm and i can't say it bothers me if people do or don't...i'm inspired by alot of the posters on this site...mainly because i feel that you're all my kind of people...and as far as geographic positions holds as much worth to me as whether or not the person who recorded the piece of music i'm currently into has a different shade of young or old...likes chocolate or cheese...etc etc As I'm sure most people would agree

                        Lets cut it out eh?

                        Oh and for the record i too hail from the North...and it's true i am a bit weird...

                        It'll have to be deep fried banana's though cos i'm a vegan

                        I'm with Col Wolfe all the way
                        Country be dyin like poor people do
                        Hospitals be closing...doors to me and you (Lopazz - Blood)

                        And here's some other stuff that i get up to...



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                          it's over

                          and done i hope.

                          sorry to do one's dirty laundry in public!
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                            Okay enough bullshit: HERE'S WHAT'S UP WITH THE BOB SEGER AND SILVER BULLET BAND...

                            Dude wrote a little song called "Old Time Rock & Roll" - shit is so powerful that the boxer shorts of long departed country-rock devotees become empower with PARANORMAL TRANSMOGRIFICATIONS in response to it's strains. Also: vibrations occur.

                            No joke homeboy.



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                              Originally posted by formigo
                              If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.