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Scottish Rubble vol. 2 - Funk, Mod, Private Press Fun

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  • Scottish Rubble vol. 2 - Funk, Mod, Private Press Fun

    Thought it was about time to post up a new mix of the various redeeming features, tips from board members and outright dancers that have come my way recently. I reckon this is the most board friendly mix I've posted, emphasis on funk/beat/jazz-y/psych-tinged private press goodness just in time for spring (not that you'd know it from looking outside at the moment). Big up to Fuz for passing a couple of these LPs on to me a long while back and therefore pushing me to be a bit more 'open' in my charity digging and for Mr Divine for his knowledge of random local releases to us and tolerance for my singing the praises of otherwise unredeemable tripe - hope there's some stuff here to surprise and delight in equal measure. Here's the link:


    Paddy Neary - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: solo accordion promotional kind of LP (which is almost without merit). Lovely version of Morricone though
    Bill Matthews - I Heard It Through the Grapevine: club/cabaret version of a soul classic
    Peggy O'Keefe Quartet - Blind Man, Blind Man: lounge group on Waverley, whole LP is good
    New Faces - Like A Man: single on PYE, sounds like the Long Blondes copied the intro wholesale
    Bill Garden Set - Sexy Susan's Line: funk, with Scottish accents. Alas my copy is scratched so if anyone is holding spare heat on this one hit me up
    East Coast Jazz Band - Superstition: funk by middle aged Scots gents in tuxedos playing in a Dundee hotel. Wonderful
    Ian Sutherland - New York Exile Song: funk, with Scottish accents, on an LP entirely of fairly trad folk - no idea where this track came from
    Duncan Lamont - Sun Children: library goodness on Impress, lovely brass
    Glentones - Baby Elephant Walk: school big band, quite the musicianship although the rest of the LP bar one other track is a bit staid for me
    Royal Artillery Mounted Band - Hawaii 5-0: a Fuz contribution, just a fun track
    John Wright - City Slaves: bit more rock, fuzz guitar in places - probably the best release I've found on the Neptune label
    Kenny - I Don't Miss You: beat/mod from Germany but singer was Scottish, much better than the a-side to these ears
    New Faces - You'll Be Too Late: another nice track on a different PYE 45, smoother sound on this one
    Elizabeth with Electric Concert Sounds - Look Around: a bit of folk/psych, don't know much about this one at all, SRT press
    The Honky Tonk Ceilidh Band - Marguaritaville: nice country flavoured number, nice and mellow
    Roberto Bernardi - Saturday Night at the Disco: a guilty pleasure, words can't really do it justice. From 1988 via the 70s and Barrhead, that's all I'm saying

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    Stephen, this looks right up my street! Looking forward to giving it a spin later...

    PS got a small pile of unreedemable tripe to pass onto you!
    Club stuff:




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      Blimey, isn't it a bugger how when you've made your initial spelling mistake in the thread title you can't go back to correct it? Ne'er mind D83...we'll pretend that the Socts were a remote tribe who were half Scot/half Pict....oh, and props for resisting the obvious temptation to call your series 'McNuggets'...should really go and listen to it I guess....
      you can hear colours when they rhyme...


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        It is indeed a bugger Giantchicken - realised just after posting and found out the hard way you can't edit the thread title (if any mods can and they're reading this please put me out my misery). I'd be lying if I said the name McNuggets hadn't crossed my mind but it's been used before. I like the idea of rubble suggesting something you have to dig/sift through. Now go listen!

        Mr Divine I await your irredeemable tripe! Need to drop you a line to arrange something. Hope you hear a few new bits to your ear here (and maybe even enjoy some of them).