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1987 - That Was The Year That Was!

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  • 1987 - That Was The Year That Was!

    Hip-hop. It will always be my first love. Soul, Funk, Jazz, Jazz-Funk, Reggae, House, Rare-Groove, Acid-Jazz, Drum & Bass, Broken-Beat…the list is endless. I’ve played with them all. But it will always, always comes back to hip-hop. Don’t get me wrong, I am not struck in a timewarp. To this day I am still searching out new and fresh tunes. BUT, I know it will not get any better than 1987. That was the year that was.

    Choosing my top ten from 1987? A difficult task? Nope, it took me 3 minutes to pull these from my collection:

    1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “A Touch Of Jazz” (Jive 1040-1-JD)
    One of the most under-rated hip-hop 12s of all time? Possibly. To this day I do not understand why this is not regarded as an out and out classic! It does not even appear in the Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists Top 40 12s for 1987 for crying out loud. HOW?, WHY? Yeah I know “Parent’s Just Don’t Understand” was corny & OK the TV show was naff. And I realise the less said about Boom Boom Shake the Room, the better! But Marvin Gaye’s “T Plays It Cool”, Grover Washington’s “Mr Magic”, Donald Byrd’s” Change, Makes You Wanna Hustle” & "Places & Spaces", Bobbi Humphrey’s “Harlem River Drive” plus Bob James "Westchester Lady" all in one record! Come on. A jazz-rap classic before jazz-rap ever existed. To this day it still sounds as fresh as ever! Am I the only one who regards this as a classic?

    2. Public Enemy – “Rebel Without A Pause” (Def Jam 44 06861)
    PE at their utter best. Yes, I love Don’t Believe The Hype, Bring The Noise et all, but they killed it on this 12”. The Jesse Jackson Wattstax intro, the use of the JBs & Dennis Coffey all underpinning Chuck D on top form on the mic, make this one of the best of the golden age hip-hop tunes you will hear. Classic does not do this record justice.

    3. Big Daddy Kane – “Raw” (Prism PS 2016)
    The maths is simple. Marl Marl + Booby Byrd + Big Daddy Kane = Tune. Nuff said.

    4. Kid ‘N Play – “Last Night” (Select FMS62289)
    Forget the MCs, this one is all about the beat. Nice rolling drum, simple use of a funk classic and a 80s tune the was huge at the time. This though still works today & easy to find at around the price a new 12" would cost you. Oh and as demonstrated by Shadow & Cut Chemist, this mixes perfectly with my no. 1 pick!

    5. Roxanne Shante – “Have A Nice Day” (Cold Chillin‘ CC105)
    She came, she conquered, she left. OK not the best female MC you will ever hear, but in my part of the world this was massive! I've always loved the "I'm, I'm, I'm Shante" intro. No prizes for guessing the producer on this label.

    6. The Classical Two – “New Generation” (Roof Top PT003)
    Not often seen on Roof Top (you are though more likely to find it on Jive), was another of my favourite spins at local house parties back in the day. Get On Up!

    7. Sweet Tee – “It’s Like That Y’all” (Profile PRO-7169)
    A nice little Hurby Luv Bug double header. On the a-side you have 'I Got The Feelin', but I always preferred this on the B-side.

    8. Spoonie Gee – “The Godfather” (Tuff City 128019)
    And boy was he! One of the original old school MCs making a late 80s comeback over another tough Marley Marl beat.

    9. Just-Ice – “Going Way Back (Fresh FRE-15Y)
    The first of two 12s from Fresh records. Just-Ice shares the mic with KRS One, who also produced this record. Consequently it would fit perfectly on any of the classic BDP LPs released at the same time.

    10. EPMD – “It’s My Thing” (Fresh FRE-0014X)
    And to round things off is this little beauty. Whilst both members of this crew have been releasing records consistently over the last 18 years, I still have not heard anything as good as this 'Seven Minutes Of Funk' based diamond.

    No Biz Markie? No Ultramagnetics MCs? No Eric B & Rakim? No Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud? And you would be right. It is easy to put together another top 10 for 1987 without any of the above! But they do not call it the golden age for nothing folks!
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    Ahh...The Memories

    1987 was a great year for me HipHop wise retrospect i spent half my pocket money on import 12" and LP's at Andy Records in Barnsley...they always had a great selection like Schooly D and BDP stuff plus i'd get hold of homegrown stuff like the Def Beats series...but i used to spend the other half of my money on bloody StreetSounds Hiphop Comps,which although was not a bad thing musically of course,i was going through a phase in my life where i used to carry around a big ghettoblaster everywhere with you guessed it...all my Electro comps were on TAPE!!!???!!!

    Still i have loads of vinyl from that era and have managed to get alot of stuff i didnt pick up at the time...but it still gives me nightmares...i even bought the first two Public Enemy LP's on the dreaded format too

    Spoonie Gee "The Godfather" is one of my all time favourites...still excites me as much as the first time i heard it...and Last Night brings back memories (i'm sure both tracks were on one of the StreetSounds comps)....when i heard the original Last Night Changed it All years later in a club it was like some switch and just been flicked in my brain and all the memories of me in my Nike Windrunner with sleeves rolled up exposing a pasty white arm with Two SWATCHES breaking with my mates on a piece of lino we'd brought in with us and trying to keep time as the GhettoBlaster started playing Slower and S L O W E R as the batteries ran out...

    All this in the middle of Barnsley Food Market too....

    A great chart...thanks Warren
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      That chart is a thing of beauty Warren - so many memories...

      Good work fella!
      If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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        I'll go with Sie on that chart Warren, great stuff.

        I love "A Touch of Jazz" too, unfortunately never got the other great track from that LP ie "The Magnificient Jazzy Jeff".
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          great selection of 12s mate, the classical 2 "rap's new generation" is one of my favourite hip hop 12s ever, still never found an og copy of that yet, though.


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            Originally posted by Shiftless When Idle
            (i'm sure both tracks were on one of the StreetSounds comps)
            No. 17 if I'm not mistaken... I too suffered with the dreaded tape collection... I still have to explain why one of my arms is bigger than the other, despite what they might think.

            A great chart Warren... the smell of Carplan is all that's missing.
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              Warren, wot a chart, absolutely superb, love the fact u included Touch of Jazz, The Godfather(this was a real influential tune for myself, and probaly countless others.....Killah)and especially Last Night a massive tune bak then(slept on like a mofo now when the classics are mentioned).........I'd probaly stick in the .....I got a good thing 12" but like u said it was the golden era......peace


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                sorry just checked superlover I mentioned was 88, the lines jus blur really, so much great stuff bak then, btw i love shante as an mc, dont suppose anybodys got a spare Brothers aint shit 12".......thanks 4 the memories warren


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                  Think I taped all of those of John Peel. He sure used to play some decent hip hop.


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                    Wicked chart Warren, missed it when it went up.
                    On the Brothers Aint Shit tip I got it but it's a promo same version each side, all bleeped out, is there a non-censored version??
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                      Can't think of a better track to reflect on the good ol' days of hip-hop than that Just-Ice track. Lyrically,it's all there...
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                        What? No PUSSY GALORE?
                        What WERE you lot doing back then, eh?!!?

                        LP of the year by a cuntry mile!
                        To infinity - and beyond!


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                          Originally posted by jakartajive
                          What? No PUSSY GALORE?
                          What WERE you lot doing back then, eh?!!?

                          LP of the year by a cuntry mile!
                          Yeah, that was the year my band opened for Pussy Galore in Portland, Ore at the Satyricon. Whatta buncha assholes. But we sucked and they were great.


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                            groovy hate fuck

                            Originally posted by jakartajive
                            What? No PUSSY GALORE?
                            What WERE you lot doing back then, eh?!!?

                            LP of the year by a cuntry mile!
                            what a band...hip-hop missed the tipper but the pussy galore were my thing back then!
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                              top stuff mate can't argue. the only problem i need to find a copy of "sweet tee -its like that y'all" is that the one you pulled nige mate when i got my copy of "have a nice day"
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