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  • Robin's Nest Of Car Boot Sale Records

    all of these records are highlights of the masses of records i have found at car boot sales - nestled between badly damaged copies of 'emerson lake and palmer' and the 'yentyl' soundtrack - like the treasures they are.

    1.Ilan and Ilanit - Israel Sheli Chogeget - 1973
    israeli folk pop. really catchy and really puts you in a good mood. sort of has an abba type feel. but will not hold that against them.

    2. 12 Zecchino D'Oro - Presentato Dal Mago Zurli - 1970
    this is so odd. twelve tracks by italian children aged from three to nine.
    some really amazing breakbeats and funky sounds - as these kids belt out their tunes over the top. if it were not so badly scratche in parts i would share this with everyone. but this is like the langely schools music project meets italian pop.

    3. Tony Mottola - Tony Strings - 1973
    i figure a lot of people must have this as there were two copies when i found this. but this has lovely - what i like to call - sitting in a hotel lobby sound.
    and the fact there is a free design connection is even better.

    4. The Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra - Presents - 1970
    this has a couple of really nice covers - especially love the cover of 'something stupid' with the backgorund shuffled sound - that is very similar to a record being played backwards - well it is peter thomas so who knows. and somebody left a receipt inside this album with the words 'milk and a loaf written in blue pen on it. my guess is as good as yours.

    5. Chinese - Not Sure - 1965 - at least i think
    this has such an odd cover - girls in communist outfits staring up at a picture of mao. the tracks on here are really different - odd shouting - to classical ballet style - and traditional chinese and then real beat + jazz type chinese pop. i like to put this on to scare the neighbours. but some parts are just so catchy.

    6. Jazz Jamboree - Warsaw - 1968
    somebody has put a sticker of a doll on this and written on the inside cover in polish - which i would lover to have translated - perhaps a message left over from the cold war - i doubt it. really amazing jazz stylings on this - some - as it says 'old timers' and some great free jazz and cool smooth tunes.
    the sitar jazz funk rock lord!