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  • me top ten of the mo

    1..gary atkinson..wanderin soul..corillions 45 c+w meets funk 100 made in the 8ts militant cowboys
    2..estelle levitt..all i factory 45 pysch funk pop so good so hard
    3..maxine sellers..kind of fever..challenge 45 the baddest folk funker i heard for years
    4..don cooper..everything
    5..jay jordan..tobacco rd..verve 45 if ya like spooners crowd on chess
    6..mike time..slaughter house 45 mad obscure disco breaks percussion record sounds massive in da club
    7..lascelles perkins..bam bam..scepter 45 original version? funky 6ts reggae
    8..brian burd..fever..vogue..drumz
    9..los mismos..pasa train..belter.. bangin euro funk
    10..rockin devils..el trampas..videovos s american drums n shoutin version
    'Swear I am evil when Ive had a few'

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    Nice chart - Where you hear the Maxine Sellers and Gary Atkinson

    Take it easy La.



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      ha ha good point of me ol mate beaver you gettin an official shout for them soon...congrats on the baby hope all is well
      you got another gary atk for sale
      'Swear I am evil when Ive had a few'


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        More than welcome mate, you put me onto some top tunes in the past, would never had heard the mighty 'Estelle Levitt' if it wasn't for you.
        Not got another Gary Atk - think they may have had 1 for sale on the official site (you remember the one you found ??) at $100, that's about £55 notes innit ?? Not a bad price considering only 100 were pressed and it's a fu*king killer !!

        Baby is total boss, best thing that ever happened to me.

        Can you get me a copy of the Edgar Jones CD ? heard it's supposed to be the bolox - you still in touch with him ? did you see his interview in Mojo this month ?

        You down in Kent again this summer ? we'll have to meet up for a beer & go 'back to mine' for one almighty vinyl session.

        Take it easy La'



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          yeah ill try n get you a copy of the edgar thing..hopefully have the stairs out in 2 months..he owes me a shit load of money so hes kinda avoiding me at the moment, but i got a cd with my name on when i see him..

          got a new 12" with roy ayres and the singer from kleer comin out very soon, very soulful leon ware cover etc on choonz inc

          yeah babies are fun til they need cleaning, feeding in the middle of the nite..well done though bro
          'Swear I am evil when Ive had a few'