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  • my may chart

    finally got my finger out my arse and bought some records last month..... heres the highlights....

    tommy bush skin it back cal state 45 nice 45 that has a great bass breakdown half way thru part 2
    the 2nd movement slingshot briteleaf 45 killer 45 w/ bruising break near the end, thanks to djr for this one!
    alvin cash the getaway chess 45 thanks to mr divine for this , been after it for ages
    king coleman the boo boo song king 45 don't know why i've never bought this before, great intro to a great song!
    buseys soulblenders soulpower buseys 45 really bad recording , but has an amazing break even though the rest of the tune is lacking
    kazablan ost mgm lp great soundtrack w/ one of the best breaks i've heard in ages, killer b-boy business!
    tobias wood henderson blue stone pulsar lp great lp , right up my street!
    bobby williams group boogaloo mardi gras capitol 45 this reminds my alot of cookies , don't know why cos it sounds nothing like it

    there was a few other things but i have terrible memory.

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    nice one, mr. illusion. just received your 45 today. funnily enough, I just found the alvin cash 'getaway' 45 as well. i just wish 'stone thing' had the same quality of pressing.....