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The Fickle Formula 28 01 06

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  • The Fickle Formula 28 01 06

    A selection of tunes from last nights S>M>E>R>S>H session:

    theme from “the conversation” – david shire (Intrada CD)

    how to open at will the most beautiful window – lalo schifrin (Dot Lp)

    the echo of love – gabor szabo (Impulse Lp)

    yegelle tezeta – mulatu (L’arome Lp)

    let jah arise – prince far-I (Blood & Fire Lp)

    the good guys – basil kirchin (KPM Lp)

    five, four and three – lee konitz (Right Tempo Lp)

    death and taxes – walt dickerson (New Jazz Lp)

    teleporter – the party players (CDr)

    jive orbit – lalo schifrin (MGM Lp)

    strange report (theme) – roger webb (Imperial 7”)

    first light – percy faith (Columbia Lp)

    teen town (version 1) – bruno (CDr)

    song two – earl zinger (Red Egyptian 7”)