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  • Some Recent Arrivals

    Been a while since I talked about some arrivals. Here are a couple of tunes I bought off the web when the wife was ill, I had money in the paypal account, and there was time to kill.

    Killer stripped down, no frills funk 45. One of a handful of cheapies that I just haven't seemed to either turn up or win via auction. Finally found a copy on Gemm.

    Last Mongo 45 I believe I need to find (recommendations accepted), this one from the "Fuego" LP on Vaya. Storming 100 mph latin funk that I first heard on Rob Bailey's "Hipshakers" cassette many years ago.

    Mod-funk sound here, and quite a nice tune. Plus it's always nice to win a record at it's opening bid.

    Been able to find most of the Blue Note 45s I've chased, but this one has been a bit elusive. Tough groove and some fantastic raspy-throated vocals. Buy it now purchase.

    I had some cash remaining in the paypal account, and I get a second chance offer for this fantastic record (if you don't know it, but the Licorice Soul reissue pronto). It's more than I have remaining in paypal, so I decide to think about it. When I'm driving home from work, I decide to play a CD with this tune on it. It's an early spring day, the sun is shining, it's just warm enough that you can taste the approach of summer, and this feel-good tune has captivated me. Needless to say, as soon as I walked in the door I had the computer on and the purchase was made.

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    Lonnie Smith is a killer, totally love that record, the vox is boss


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      Originally posted by Beaver
      Lonnie Smith is a killer, totally love that record, the vox is boss
      me too! its just a solid song but i like the dirty "la clave" version a bit better.
      are there other great versions of this?
      Autobahn vas ein Monster: here she is, mit 7 others


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        a couple more that I bought this weekend:

        Willie Colon - The Hustler (Fania)

        Bob Bateman Association - Blue Dashiki (ABC)
        Can't find anything on the internet about this one except that it was in a weekend finds thread a few years back on this very site. Nice flute-led, somewhat funky, tune.

        Justine Washington - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby's Face (Sue)
        Very nice. I'm really enjoying mid-tempo soul these days.......

        Enchanting Enchanters - Boss Action (BenMoKeith)
        Surprised to find this locally. Then again, it's amazing how records seem to travel......