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    Gentlemen... and Ladies, if there are any round these parts.

    I am in need of a new baseball cap - problem is i don't really like them and wouldn't know where to look for them. But they're very handy for keeping the sun out of my eyes when i'm working.

    My old faithful came from a record store in Texas and has done me proud over the years, but alas, it needs to retire...

    So my question to you good people is... where do you / would you look online for a baseball cap that I could actually wear without cringing? Or better still any recommended alternatives to baseball caps... (please don't say sunglasses - I need a hat of somesort)...

    Thanks in advance for your no doubt entirely sensible suggestions ;-)...

    In ((( VISUAL ))) Stereo

    Eclectic Mud

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    I've got a Stetson like this Other brands are available.
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      I generally wear a light flat cap to keep the sun out of my eyes, but I also have a deerstalker that I use for fishing -which also protects the back of your neck. It's not a stupid deerstalker with flaps, just a tweed hat with peaks fore and aft.
      In severe sun conditions I use a local palm-leaf hat from the island of La Graciosa, which cuts rather a dash.

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        Corduroy 5 panel is my weapon of choice these days.
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          Here they get handed out as freebies at corporate conferences. Breeze through. Feign an interest in 'Zcorp - bespoke sewage solutions' [or whatever]. Sorted.

          I do exercise some discrimination in doing that. I don't want to look like a shill for big pharma, the military-industrial complex, [insert current industry hate figures], or whoever.
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            LOST SOUNDTRACKS Mixtape

            HOLDBAR HIP HOP Podcast

            BUSYBODY FILMS


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              T-shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in 20th century fiction.