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    it's been a few weeks now with no ill effects (as yet), these were the 3 posts that have unburdened me from my Facebook presence (apart from Twitter obv)

    first there was this dangerous sex/bomb combo - this was perhaps a bit risky, but it made me laugh once

    I pushed my luck harder by posting a 50 year old LP cover, sorry if this flaunts any obscenity laws but it is art

    and finally into the social abyss with a birthday greeting to a mate called Clint

    if you are still on FB then this is the path to follow if you want to improve your life and move onto new pastures

    The Garden Facebook Blog

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    That cover is shit.
    All the Wolpertingers


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      I know a few people that voluntarily deleted their facebook profiles over the last couple of weeks. I'm guessing it was partly over the whole Cambridge Analytica farce. Thing is, 6 months ago, they would not have even considered it. Maybe change is in the air.


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        well I used it for plugging my show mostly and for posting up pics of amusing pics/gifs (just to me probably) I had over 800 "friends"
        and literally thousands of pics of records,but it is just so dumb how they have deemed me unfit for their social media platform I can't
        be arsed to start another one. I always found it handy for chatting to folks when I was on air so will see if that's still possible on Twitter
        which I still have but have never really mastered.
        Of course I am happy to have VG+ friends join me if they have not already - there will be members here who have probably wondered
        why their FB page isn't bothered with pictures of flexi-discs or cats on turntables anymore, join me on Twitter if you are so inclined
        I'm not such a CLINT really -
        The Garden Facebook Blog


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          I'd have thought twitter much better for interacting with people via Live radio seems to be the way a lot of stations do it. I also notice some radio shows live stream via Youtube or Periscope these days if you're into all that malarkey and they allow for a live chat function to be turned on or off and moderated.
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