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  • Prescribed burn

    There was nothing unusual about the sunset this evening.

    Coming out of the supermarket I put down my bags for a few moments to take it in. The sky in the west was still bright blue. Out over the sea there was a smattering of clouds, their undersides an improbably pure pink. Somewhere behind me the sky was dark and the brighter stars were becoming visible.

    Displays like that are almost a throwaway gesture in these parts.

    Yesterday was a different thing entirely.

    The city had smelled of smoke for a couple of days. Leaving an appointment in Fremantle I could see it pouring from the hills. The law provides for accumulated undergrowth to be burned off. The thinking being that it reduces bush-fire risk. The smoke was accumulating and was thick overhead.

    Driving the coast road is always a pleasure. Yesterday the view was obscured by the smoke. And it was especially beautiful. Behind the smoke the sun was large and blood-orange. The same colour spread towards me in wedge from the horizon over the sea. Most of the sea was dark, but at and close to the horizon there was a band of brilliant white.

    I had to remind myself not to look at the sun.

    After about 30 seconds I didn’t have to, as the road had veered inland and we were deep in traffic.

    Same time next year?

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    And you were listening to this on the ghetto blaster perched on your shoulder?

    Nice observation. Sometimes it's hard to slow down enough to notice those moments, let alone write about them.
    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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      As The One Show was on last night I watched the setting sun between the blocks of flats opposite. By about 8 o'clock the sky was mostly a pale orange topped off with a thick band of mauvey-purple - very nice

      North of the River Cole


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        I don't often bother with music in that car. It is too old and noisy.