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    I just got back from a week in Benidorm so thought I'd share some pics with you. I took loads at the beach and elsewhere but these were more interesting,
    even though there were NO records... The rooms were pretty cheap but there was a lot of tacky tat, got a good tan though.

    The basic room with full air con, expansion opportunities, close to beach etc

    bright T-Shirts make good presents for family at home

    this poor lady is stuck with a difficult choice

    a 1,000 yard stare doll is not just for Christmas

    the evening entertainment - sorted!

    the Spanish dish alternative

    I would have stayed in this hotel but it was full of pricks
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    for fans of concrete there's some nice 60s/early 70s hotel architecture in Benidorm, or was 15 years ago anyway.


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      that's true bongolia but I didn't make it all the way to the old town, however I forgot to add that I rented the villa from one
      of Benidorm's top female impersonators Sheila Blige. He/she was a lovely chap but insisted on leaving his/her bloody dvd's + flyers
      in cupboards around the house, I wasn't tempted to check his show but can tell you that his boyfriend who drove me back to the airport
      went on and on about how hot he finds it wearing tights/wigs etc, poor love.

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        What a crude tourist trap! Over here our obscene t-shirts are wittier (KEEP CALM AND FUCK OFF), our drag queens classier, our ornaments with massive cocks and big tits are based on prehistoric archeological discoveries and we don't do sweet paella at all.


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          haha, exactly - we need to appreciate what we have even it is a bit meh some of the time
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