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    Does anyone have an opinion on the new 1000 page Galactic Ramble?

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    I'd like to have an opinion on it, but haven't taken the plunge to fork out for a copy yet. I've got the latest copies of Tapestry of Delights, so wondering if it covers different territory, or just does it better? Interested to hear others' opinions on it - looks like you can still get copies from the publishers for £60 + £12 postage in the UK, though other channels are already pushing it for well over £100 ...


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      I have it. Massive, well produced book that carries a wealth of research (both in terms of what's out there and the merits or otherwise of individual releases). The latter is divided into current opinion (delivered by contemporary writers/collectors) and cuttings from the press at time of release.

      It's a quality production put together by people with deep collections and an archival sensibility, basically.

      Whether you'll find it useful is a different question. I can see two uses: firstly as a reference book concerning release dates, details, etc; secondly as something to browse (rather like a magazine) in increasing one's knowledge of the field and finding new releases you suspect you might like.

      I like that it is opinionated—opinions are useful—but obviously your tastes may differ from the reviewers. There's often, but by no means always, more than one reviewer per release.

      Do I have the time to read it and get as much out of it as I could? No, but that goes for lots of books I have.
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