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Elvis Presley.

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  • Elvis Presley.

    Would have been 84 today. Still the King.
    eat chocolate-creams with the appetite of a blase parrot. H H Munro.

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    And Tony Bennett has only just retired. Easy to forget Elvis was only 42 when he died. He seemed to have been around forever.

    Is David Bowie the something of Rock/Pop. Elvis is the king, Michael Jackson (can we still mention him?) is the prince of Pop, I reckon Bowie is Better than both so he should be something. I'm also tagging Vic Godard with the Lord of Lyrics. John Lee Hooker can be the Baron of Riffs and I'm afraid I'm not going to let Clapton ( a boring old fart) or Page keep their Gods of Guitar status. That will be passed to Jeff Beck who should have had it all along. Jonathan Richman is in line for sainthood- have you heard his last two LPs? They are so, so good.
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      Echoes of a thread 7 years ago. I admire your fealty Duncan.