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  • watched a few fun things over the weekend:

    "The most lonely and haunting Giallo" - -pretty spot on. And a nicely not-too-ver-the-top depicition of someone slipping into psychosis. Heavy on the lonely, melancholy atmosphere - although my GF found it too slow.

    Can't believe i hadn't seen this before... Alex Cox directed sort-of-futiristic awesomeness. "Eyes melt, head explodes, everybody dies.."

    "Monsters" - -i had no idea what it would be like, but got dragged along expecting a fun invasion flick. Instead i'm treated to a slow indie romance will-they-won't-they/ nothing-much-happens romance in the vein of "Lost in Tranlsation" set to the backdrop of an Alien invasion of Mexico. Beautifully filmed. I realy enjoyed it, but from the sound of all the chattering in the cinema, it was too slow for the 12 year olds in attendance.

    And finally (and my favourite of the lot) - -"Amityville 2: The possession". Just as ace as i remmeber it. Much more happens then the first, and they've shoe-horned massive bits of "The Exorcist" into it.
    Highly dodgy chopy editing + Dead creepy bits + Loads of action from the get-go + Very awesome make up effects = good film.
    Muchos mixes <<<<



    • i've been (trying) to track every film i watched this year via imdb. so far it's saying 191 but i know i've missed a few.
      damn i've watched a lot of ninja films


      • Originally posted by babycart View Post

        Noir classic I'd managed to miss until now.

        and goodness me it's noir. Not a glimpse of daylight, just flickering lights in an urban morass, fallen women, obsessive men, torture by drum solo and a wonderful brassy crime jazz score.
        Great the idea of torturing someone with loud Jazz through earplugs...something I'd like to do to...Simon fact, all the judges....competitors...and audience...

        On the noir scene, I recommend 'T-Men', not for the story, but the noir cinematography is stunning.


        • Just watched, "All Coppers Are Bastards" (1971). Brit crime pic featuring Nicky Henson, Julia Foster, Ian Hendry and David Essex and someone called Martin Potter in the lead role (never heard of him before but he was good and has a fantastic haircut) .

          Wasn't expecting too much but it's a cracking little film - rattles along, thoughtful, well produced and realised. And refreshingly free of the non PC ethos that normally taints similar works. Great South London locations.

          Been and bought a stack of films today so I can avoid depressing Xmas TV. Will post up any recommendations as I view them.
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          • Martin Potter had a minor role in 'Year Of The Sex Olympics' and then went off to be in 'Satyricon'. He was in 'Goodbye Gemini' too. He's got rather an evil looking face, hasn't he?
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            • Originally posted by ginghamkitchen View Post
              Martin Potter had a minor role in 'Year Of The Sex Olympics' and then went off to be in 'Satyricon'. He was in 'Goodby Gemini' too. He's got rather an evil looking face, hasn't he?
              I dunno. He just arses about as a South London copper with a "Scarface" hairdo in the one I just saw.
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              • Well he has.
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                • I've also got "Assault". Is that any good?

                  Also got, "Shadows of Progress" (Documentary film in post war Britain 1951-1977) BFI. 4 DVD set. Really looking forward to it!
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                  • Originally posted by son of stan View Post
                    I've also got "Assault". Is that any good?

                    Also got, "Shadows of Progress" (Documentary film in post war Britain 1951-1977) BFI. 4 DVD set. Really looking forward to it!
                    'Assault' isn't bad, actually. Great cast, and a preposterous finale. 'Shadows Of Progress' is excellent.
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                    • I've been watching more of this than is strictly healthy for a mind like mine.

                      More my daughter's choice than mine, but after the tedious and prosaic nature of her previous obsession, Maisy the Mouse, this is the business.

                      The night garden.
                      The garden of the mind.
                      The garden of dreams.
                      Across the vast sea of sleep.

                      The music is suitably spectral and other and the voyage there a trip pure and simple.

                      Sod nostalgia for the shows of one's own childhood.
                      This shit is as good as it gets.
                      To infinity - and beyond!


                      • Originally posted by ginghamkitchen View Post
                        'The Burglar' and 'Nightfall' (both 1957).
                        And both from books by the great David Goodis.

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                        • Altman's The Long Goodbye for the nth time. I wish that he and Gould had made this into a series, I could easily watch Gould mamble to himself for 3 or 4 film's worth. The best thing about it is that no matter how many times you've watched you still get surpised by the plot, which seems like an afterthought.


                          • X-mas watching for me:

                            Bad Santa - Billy Bob Thornton in a not-cute x-mas movie. For those who want a dark and cynical comedy, even without too much of a happy Hollywood ending:

                            Van Diemens Land - exceptionally beatiful and disturbing movie where some British and Irish convicts trying to escape an Australian penal colony and... well, getting on each others nerves and eating each other and stuff... apparently based on a true story.
                            "Only one thought left, that makes me come alive,
                            and that is you and me side by side, on the licorice ride"


                            • Picked up this 1970s Pakula directed western. Looks promising.

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                              • Jim Fixed It For Me

                                Over Xmas my wife has managed to track down this footage of me appearing
                                on Jim'll Fix It in 1976, I was 14. I remember it took me nearly 3 years to
                                live this episode of my life down at school! I am wearing a T-shirt which
                                says 'Sellit & Soon' which was the name of my dads 2nd hand shop -
                                he had actually paid me £5 to wear it which I suppose was good marketing
                                since it was on the BBC.
                                Of course I still have my Jim'll Fix It badge - they are quite heavy you know.
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