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  • I found volume 1 of Death Note in a chazzer for £1. This one place seems to get manga in quite a lot and I always pick em up.
    This series has to be the best I've ever read. The plot is a real head-spinner ... like an enormous logic puzzle.
    You never quite know where it's going and things you took for granted change 'round 180 degrees v quickly. The plot twists are mind-boggling, the rug is contstantly pulled from under you.
    I'm addicted and ordered the rest ... now up to vol. 5 and the whole thing is quite gripping. Worth a go if you like weird, slightly gothic horror with a really tripped-out plot.

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    I just started watching the Netflix film adaptation, but it's a real load of old bollocks. They simplified the plot to moron level and set the film in the US.
    I wouldn't bother with it.
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    • I'm towards the end of reading Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands by Will Carruthers:

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      If you are or were ever a Spacemen 3 or Spiritualized fan, this is pretty good, and pretty well written.

      I saw Spacemen 3 once and have absolutely no recollection of it.

      I must have had a good time.

      Anyway, an entertaining read.
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      • I read the Andolu Psych book. Interesting but TBH the style was a bit turgid. Lots of abstract descriptions of the characteristics of individual tracks and ever changing line ups. Still worth a read if you are interested.
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        • Finally finished the Can - All Gates Open book, highly recommended if you haven't read it already. Managed to get my local library to buy it in for me too, so a copy is knocking about Ayrshire library system now if anyone is from them parts.
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