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    Originally posted by Filthy Rich View Post
    I fairly often travel from London to Oxford to visit my family and the cheapest way to do it is on the coaches that run frequently between the two towns. About ten years or so ago, on one such journey, I saw a huge bird of prey soaring over head, and then a couple of minutes later I saw another, and then another. It not being usual to see such large birds in that area I asked one of my friends who often made the same journey if he had seen them but he said not.
    After a few enquiries I discovered that there had been a project to release red kites into the wild and that there were a few of them in that area. Now they're everywhere and have spread out into the little town where my parents live and are basically quite a common sight (at Christmas I saw one being mobbed by crows). I still get some kind of thrill though from seeing a bird which I would never have seen when I was growing up and which seems so alien to that relatively safe landscape. They are really huge, much bigger than buzzards which you can see in that area very occasionally and which used to be top dogs I guess.
    It's also interesting to me that, to my friend who was never in the Young Ornithologists Club, this was all completely invisible.
    Yeah, Red Kites are amazing Rich! I still get excited when I see them, and you do see them much more frequently in Bedfordshire now.

    Had a blackcap in the garden at the weekend. That was a bit special, we never even get sparrows normally.


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      No Red Kites, but this seems like a reasonable thread to link to these wallpapers, designed by yet another talented Bedfordian...

      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.