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    Are people members of any other forums, particularly non-record related ones?

    I've been lurking on waxi and it seems much less polite than here. And the comments on youtube can be positively vicious!
    My wife also lurks on a few forums like mumsnet (for work I should add) and she says that they can also get a bit heated.

    What are other peoples experiences?
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    I'm not, but I would love to hear about any books/literature/art forums where I could get away with being more pretentious.
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      Used to be on all sorts - football, lefty politics and music, but I've more or less cut back to here and Political discussion online is a dead loss; the kind of apparatchiks whose lack of critical intelligence and anti-democratic tendencies contribute to their success within parties work hard at stiffling dissent online also.

      This place is fantastically well-mannered in comparison with anywhere else I know; I hesitate to attribute it to 'Englishness', especially since a lot of us aren't, but the air of genial tolerance compared to US based forums is immediately obvious.
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        I use:

        Movie forum:

        Euro cult movie forum:

        Movie forum for VHS lovers:

        Movie poster forum:

        Italian movie forum:

        Finnish movie forum:
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