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  • This made me smile today

    Driving home through a small village on the Lleyn Peninsula after a couple of days visiting an elderly aunt when I rounded a bend to see a horse and rider coming towards me, so I slowed right down and rolled past them, looking up at the rider as they went past. I wasn't expecting effusive thanks or anything - maybe a little nod or something - but them I saw the rider was busy checking something on her phone. Don't know why, but it made me smile

    Anything made you smile recently?

    Finding a cache of ill-raer-mod-psyche-dancers-vinyls for pennies "in the wild" not included!

    North of the River Cole

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    Today, at work, someone told me Eric Morecambe had been asked, "What would you have been if you hadn't been comedians"? to which he replied "Mike and Bernie Winters"

    "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"