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  • NRR: Redundancy

    Anyone else out there been through it of late?
    Is there life after the whole mad parade ends?
    To infinity - and beyond!

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    Yes in answer to both questions.
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      Made redundant around 2001 with not much of a pay out. I ended up with a far better job and in retrospect although painful and difficult, it was probably just the kick up the arse I needed.
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        was a while back now but redundancy led to a total career/ lifestyle/ (temporary) city change which quickly showed me just how rubbish my previous job had been. so cheers to the razor gang. it was still a very black time to get through though with lots of HR platitudes about process, consultation and 'no final decisions have been made'. complete bollocks, they know exactly what end result they want and what they have to do to get it. all they want is for you to go to the gallows making as little fuss as possible.
        I was 30, and my payout allowed enough time to get a bit of time in my new career choice before applying for a tertiary training course.


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          Don't let the bastards get you down
          You are a hundred times better than any of those mealy mouthed corporate pen pushers
          As my brother says, they only see you as a drain on their resources (wages) and they feel they owe you nothing beyond what you are paid. As much as you may like where you work the senior people won't reciprocate and like you back!
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            It's happened to me in the past, and I've never looked back.


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              best of luck though Hugh. Its a bit nerve racking right?
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                Still struggling just to reach a platform of redundancy... sigh... Guess it's a matter of weighing the positive over the negative.

                Good luck, Hugh.
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                  Originally posted by jakartajive View Post
                  Is there life after the whole mad parade ends?
                  Only for kind, intelligent, endlessly curious, hard- working types who are generous of mind and spirit.
                  So yes, there's definitely life for you after the parade.
                  Might be a minute, but it's coming.

                  (One kiss each from me, Nicole, Lauren & the dog)
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                    I find it slightly odd that that nice Mr. Cameron tells us that the jobless figure is at its lowest for decades whilst at the same time it seems that more and more people I know have lost or are about to lose their jobs. Uncanny, that.
                    I am always aware that the axe is swinging ever closer to my department here at work. In the current round of cuts (announced in December) two of my colleagues took redundancy and two more have been told that they will be relocated to some far-flung warehouse come the end of March. It will be me next year though...
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                      Originally posted by Mang View Post
                      I find it slightly odd that that nice Mr. Cameron tells us that the jobless figure is at its lowest for decades whilst at the same time it seems that more and more people I know have lost or are about to lose their jobs. Uncanny, that.
                      The most common trick here in Spain is for employers to ask you to go self-employed, waive your redundancy rights and continue working for them . Once you´re self-employed, you have no benefits, you're responsible for your own social security and agreements can be changed at any time. On the plus side, you´re now an ENTREPRENEUR and are not officially unemployed!

                      You can choose that, or you can go after your redundancy cheque, which can be a long and fruitless process and will likely ruin any references.

                      My sister fell victim to "necessary restructuring measures" by a multinational last week less than a year after moving her entire family to a new country.


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                        I've only met you a couple of times Hugh, but during those times I gathered enough from you to know you'll weather this. Shit happens! Just hope you get a bit of Wonga out of it before the next adventure. Best of luck big man
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                          I've been in the redundancy window three times in the past five years but still there. There was 150 of us now there are 47. On the positive side, and in answer to the original question, everyone who was finished either found better jobs (more pay, less travel) or we're paid off and retired happy.


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                            In the last 10 years the wife and I have racked up 5 or 6 redundancies between us. Its never fun but the overall outcome is that we are both now in much better paid and enjoyable jobs. Sometimes, as mentioned above, its a good kick up the arse to move onto a new job or, as in my wife's case, try a whole different career. Not saying its been plain sailing, few crappy jobs on the ladder and signing on is the most depressing thing ive ever had to do, but in the grand scheme of things it works out for the best.

                            In fact, being made redundant my well have saved my life as the first time it happened I was having a few health issues that I ignored as I was too busy to take time off work to go to the DRs. Got made redundant, went to see my GP (as I had time now) and it turned out to be pretty serious (the old Bollock trouble for those that remember). If I hadn't been made redundant I would have probably not gone to the doctors till much later and it could have been much more serious or too late.. Obviously that's a very unique example of a silver lining of redundancy and hopefully not applicable to anyone else's case but thought I would mention it.. positive out of a negative and all that...
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                              Best of luck Hugh... I too have been there... and although it could never be described as fun, it does sharpen the wits and senses like nothing else.

                              The crap becomes clear and what really matters comes into focus. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, you just have to apply them in a different way / direction.

                              For a man of your capabilities it'll be the making of you. Easier said than done, but stay positive.
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