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    Why Jaws 3 and 4 are my favorites out of the series..And before I go on, I should say SPOILERS ahead to warn you if you haven't seen them and don't want to know the plot points.

    Jaws 3D (aka Jaws 3) was filmed in 3D (but if you see it on tv or dvd, you'll see the 'flat' version) and I saw it in the theater when I was a kid. That might be part of the reason it's my favorite one, but aside from that it's still really entertaining. It takes place in a 'Sea World' water theme park that's run by Louis Gossett Jr. A baby shark and mom shark get into the park and cause havok. Simon MacCorkindale (MANIMAL!) plays this world famous hunter who shows up and wants to take the shark down on live tv. The whole cast is great, Bess Armstrong, Dennis Quaid, and Lea Thompson too.

    Jaws 4: The Revenge - I love this one because of the off the wall elements in it. The movie starts out with one of the sons from the original Jaws being eaten by a shark. The mother goes to the Bahamas to visit the other son (played by Lance Guest from The Last Starfighter) who is a marine biologist there (and works with Mario Van Peebles).

    The shark follows her to the Bahamas (smart shark, he knew when her flight left)! So he shows up, and the mom is sure that the shark won't rest till he eats the entire family. Meanwhile, the mom meets affable pilot Hoagie (Michael Caine) and he becomes like the love interest. Shark attacks start happening, and the mom ends up on a boat wanting to have a final showdown with the shark.

    Hoagie flies around the ocean trying to locate her, and when he does, he lands his plane on the water. He's hanging out the door of his sinking plane talking, when all of a sudden the giant shark jumps out of the water and swallows Hoagie. So it's like, oh no, the shark ate Michael Caine! The family is left scrambling around on the boat. Then a couple minutes later out of nowhere, Hoagie climbs up the side of the boat, unscathed! And if you look at him, he's not even very wet!

    So they say to him, Hoagie, how did you survive the shark?! Michael Caine nonchalantly says something like 'believe me, it wasn't easy.'. And that's it! No explaination, and it's never touched on again! That's what I love about this movie. Oh, and the shark growls a lot too.
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    maybe Hoargie blew the doors off and walked out?


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      Thanks for this. But are you sure it shouldn't have been in the Trash cinema thread? As you know the original Jaws is a well-respected drama with character actors.
      Btw, doesn't Roy Scheider and any of the original cast re-appear? And Spielberg doesn't have anything to do wih the sequels, does he?