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Dancing Mice scam NOT A SCAM

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  • Dancing Mice scam NOT A SCAM

    First time i saw these was in Newcastle in the 90s. I was genuinely amazed and wonderstruck, and wondered if the mice had tiny propellors attached. At a quid a shot I took a chance.

    They are, of course, operated by very fine fishing line but it was also the BEST TWO QUID I HAVE EVER SPENT IN MY LIFE. I fixed it up to our ghetto blaster and jiggled the other end with my finger and we had literally hours and hours of helpless mirth and dancing mouse fun.

    Do not be suspicious of dancing mice vendors. They are worth their weight in gold

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    This "naughty baby" on the Ramblas in Barcelona is definitely a scam, though. It´s actually a fully grown man in a pram with a puppet round his neck. Still, well worth a euro.



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      It's gotta be the 'uber trance' baby DJ.
      There's this really shit puppet thing in Kingston Surrey. Every Saturday it's the same.
      Godawfull trance and crap movements.


      Fleas the size of rats suck on a rat the size of a cat....

      Not As Great As His Very Best, But Pretty Much As Great As Most Anyone Else's.