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  • Frank

    Really enjoyed the film. Funny, dark and moving with some superb music, played live by the actors apparently.
    I want this on a 45!
    Everyone tear down your own little wall
    That keeps you from being a part of it all
    Because you've got to be one with the one and all
    You've just got to be close to it all

  • #2
    I watched this on a flight recently. I enjoyed it but was disappointed that it didn't feature the Reading '89 singalong...

    Frank S - "Guess who's been on Match Of The Day..?"

    Big tent full of people at the top of their voices - "You have Frank, in your big shorts"

    ... I guess you had to be there.

    If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.