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  • 80s british film ID

    There's a film I remember seeing on Channel 4 a couple of times back in the 80s/maybe early 90s

    It was kind of like After Hours but with a female lead swapping Manhattan for a stylised 80s London, had an odd vibe to it. This is literally all I can remember about it, I can't even remember if it was good but something about it has stuck with me & I'd kind of like to see it again.

    Someone round here has to know what it is, I've done a bit of searching but my parameters are a bit vague.

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    No idea, but the description reminded me a bit of Smithereens. (except the British bit)
    A film from 1982 with ESG in the soundtrack.


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      Never seen smithereens, looks ace so it's on the list now thanks.

      The one I'm after is a bit more late 80s though.


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        Empire State?

        Can't remember it having a female lead but it was very 80s and very odd.

        Set around a nightclub with the development of Docklands being the backdrop.

        Total Thatcherist sneak preview of hell.


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          It's not that one HC but it looks right up my street

          think this, but more low key mystery/conspiracy.