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  • Robin Williams RIP

    So sad to wake up this morning to hear that Robin Williams has died.
    One of the best nights of my entire life was seeing him on Broadway a few years ago in the play A Bengal Tiger in a Baghdad Zoo. He was clearly a genius!

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    Sad, sad news indeed. Another tragedy of depression and the way it drives it's victims to self- medicate.

    Battling his demons...
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      Terrible, terrible news.
      Just wanted to pay respects to one of the greats. He kept my daughters entertained as the genie in Aladdin when they were growing up, and for me
      made some of the finest comedic material in film history.
      RIP Mr Williams.
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        Sad news.

        Garp, Fisher King, Good Will Hunting and Insomnia were great to me.


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          I thought it was a wind up when it first broke then so very sad when the news was confirmed. His films have found a place in the hearts a quite a few generations now which is evident from the emotion being shown across social media and the like from all ages.

          One can only hope that one his legacies is that mental health awareness becomes much more into the public psyche. Its always the kindest and seemingly happy on the outside folk who seem to suffer the most.
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