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'Polka Dot Superstar' - Yayoi Kusama Documentary (Modern Art)

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  • 'Polka Dot Superstar' - Yayoi Kusama Documentary (Modern Art)

    Really enjoyed this (some ace incidental music as well). And I know piss all about art, classic or modern (much the same as some of the collector / speculators who are shown buying up her work). I got taken to see a Mark Rothko exhibition at Tate Modern and thought the mate who was raving about it was taking the piss - load of red and purple splodges innit?

    Amazing how she seems to work randomly and spontaneously, but you get the feeling that it's all part of a grand plan and that she knew exactly what the whole would look like all along (shades of Brian Wilson).

    The speed she works is incredible too, especially for a lady her age. Not entirely comfortable that she isn't being slightly exploited (she's surely on 'The Spectrum'), that might be me being a bit patronising. But the patience and focus she has to do all the repeated designs and polka dot detailing blows my mind.

    Pretty sure she must have been an influence on Murakami's super-flat work as well, maybe trace the lineage down to the Kawaii ethos?

    That's as much High Culture as you'll get from me this year. But this is worth a look if you've any interest in modern / abstract art.
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    cheers Ben - will get on this at weekend
    Banned (DJ Anchovy)