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  • Caganer ffs!

    How have I made it this far through life and not been exposed to this "phenomena" which nearly had me off my chair and gasping for breath when Mrs Treeboy waved a picture of one these pleasant little chaps under my hooter.
    The explanation

    The deed doers

    Appeals to my puerile sense of humour. We don't have Christmas decorations, but I definitely want one of those little beauties.
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    The world is back on its axis now I've seen those.
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      I remember these from the Barcelona '92 olympics when some locals felt the Caganer was being, eh, 'wiped' from the squeaky clean presentation of local culture, and they somehow managed to make their way onto TV. I've never seen them in the tourist lands further south, where we tend to go. I was extremely disappointed not to find one on my only visit to Barca, but at the time I didn't realise their appearance was seasonal, linked to the nativity. None of the explanations of its origin really make much sense to me. I like the idea of celebrity caganers. Not sure who I'd go for...
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        They´re like Where´s Wally, only Wally is shitting in Bethlehem and the excited children have to find him. the Alex Salmond caganer was on sale this year, what with independence votes etc.

        Also, instead of boring old Santa Claus, Catalans have a hollow log with a face painted on it. The children hit it with sticks, singing "Shit, log, shit!", and it craps out sweets and pressies.



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          I remember these from an episode of Eurotrash back in the 90s. It was around this point many people thought "they're making this stuff up surely?"
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