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BBC 'Omnibus' Doc from 1976 featuring early graffiti writers

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  • BBC 'Omnibus' Doc from 1976 featuring early graffiti writers

    Stumbled on this yesterday. Love seeing New York in this bankrupt, mid-70s era. Yes, it looks rough as, but it's iconic.

    First half of this documentary focuses on a SoHo loft over one weekend and the various arty types who use it (including some crazy 'free jazz' chancers). The second half is dedicated to the nascent graffiti scene.

    Well worth an hour of your time.
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    Excellent - thanks for the link, looks good.


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      Great find Ben!

      The BBC used some of the graffiti footage in later programmes and I always wondered where it originated from.

      The writer doing the piece on the wall was Don One, who had a book written about him last year:
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        "BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only."


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 Download link from Chris at Diggers with gratitude. Thanks Chris!