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  • Marrakech

    Going to Marrakech - a quick google suggests that records are unlikely (though happy to be proven wrong on that one) but please recommend anything good to do and anything bad to avoid. Thanks in advance.

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    Try out your French, visit a bath house, hire a driver and go the the mountains for a day, get lost in the souk, have lovely teas and pastries, go to YSL'S Majorelle garden, check bahia palace, wander round Place Jemaa el Fnaa at night and I hope you like tagine. Records pop up in unexpected places but all trashed. I love Marrakesh.


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      Definitely gonna visit a bath house and might also head to Essaouria or whatever it's called for at least one night. Ever been there?


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        Only for a day spent on the beach watching our host (failing to) kite surf. It was very windy and I lost my hat. *sobs quietly*
        Loads of Brits have houses there as it's a windsurfing mecca and it's apparently a nice chilled vibe but sadly no recommendations from me other than to get some delicious fresh seafood from one of the street stalls. You can take a bus or a taxi in which case just agree the price before leaving. On the whole, taxi drivers are pretty honest in Morocco and taxis are good value - in Marrakesh the cabbies are in serious trouble if they get caught overcharging tourists.


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          Originally posted by peretti View Post
          Jemaa el Fnaa
          I have an LP from this place on Sublime Frequencies. Maybe this will help you get in the mood:

          "As technology has advanced, vinyl records are outdated as they are music from the 19th Century so only hipsters and elderly people buy vinyl records".

          Mixes for your delectation:


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            That record sounds as mad as the actual Place itself!