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    Different Every Time, the authorised biography of Robert Wyatt by Marcus O'Dair. Read this last week while on holiday, so had a good chance to relax and steam through it more or less non stop.
    It's a very well written book, and does well in pulling together the many strands of diverse interests which make up the character that is RW, into a chronologically coherent whole. The title says it all really. Never one to rest on his laurels, or even willingly attempt to recreate something he has already done, the subject comes over as an ever evolving ( musically as well as politically) Individual (capital intended). Plagued by bouts of heavy drinking and depression, let alone the after effects of the fall which left him a paraplegic, coupled with the heavy smoking and general lifestyle of a "rock & roller" living it to the max pre accident, it's a wonder he is still with us.
    I found the period before his accident more interesting to me in terms of the music and times being described, with Soft Machine rightfully taking their place as possibly the most interesting of the psychedelic wave of bands. At every turn, they seemed to veer away from any commercially advantageous decision, in pursuit of artistic integrity.
    The anecdotes all through the book are illuminating, some parts are inevitably very moving. I came away with a far greater respect for RW and a keenness to explore his back catalogue. In this respect there's a healthy discography at the back of the book to help with the many collaborations he has been involved in.
    Recommended read.

    Anybody got a copy of Out- Bloody- Rageous by Graham Bennett they no longer need?
    Everyone tear down your own little wall
    That keeps you from being a part of it all
    Because you've got to be one with the one and all
    You've just got to be close to it all

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    Recently had a copy of this in my hands on my hols alongside David Stubbs - Future Days and plumped for krautrock in the end . Wish I'd bought them both!

    I think his more recent albums such as 'Comicopera' and 'Cuckooland' have been excellent.

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