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TV Show> Country Strife: Abz On The Farm

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  • TV Show> Country Strife: Abz On The Farm

    is this a mockumentary?
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    That geezer is supremely irritating,had to switch it off after about 8 minutes.
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      I wish it were. But Mid Wales is crawling with folks looking for the good life

      Iorweth Pete would be turning in his grave
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        I heard a mid Wales record story last week, may be apocryphal but thought you may be interested as you know the area. On the way in to Porth Maddog harbour (just by Cob Records) there is a large island. For years the island was used to dump ballast in order for ships to dock in the shallower waters. Some/ much/ all of the ballast is vinyl, ergo a whole island made up of records.

        On the Abz on the farm thing - saw it on iPlayer last night and thought i might give it a watch. Watched Alistair Sooke's Pop Art dock instead. What an unpleasant man Rosenquist is.
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