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The annual Frightfest top 10 - horror for the coming months....

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  • The annual Frightfest top 10 - horror for the coming months....

    A quality selection of films this year at Frightfest - a lot less low budget dross than last couple of years. I didn't see all of the films on the first couple of days but caught up on the last couple - so not a complete survey. Here is my top 10.

    Tales Of Halloween - patchy portmanteau of 10 short 10 min films set at Halloween - all fun, but when they worked there was greatness - look out for the 'little devil' story, the bonkers witch tale and the mad cap killer pumpkin crime spree. Very knowing, genre cameos galore.
    Emelie - A last minute badysitter proves to have ulterior motives in offering her services. Any film with a 12 year old saying fuck, and a pet python eating the pet hamster has to get a thumbs up.
    We are still here - Heavily retro, Fulci inspired spooked house gore fest - with laughs - and intentionally OTT performances - great fun
    The Hallow - Irish "The Trees Have Eyes" - mythical tales of evil in the forest threaten couple and their toddler
    They look Like People - Low budget indie about friendship and paranoia in New York.... is the Invasion of the Bodysnatchers about to get real or is it all in his head?
    Slumlord - Nightmare sleazy landlord goes a bit OTT on the CCTV front and decides to get involved in a messed up relationship, but not in a guidance role.
    Howl - English Werewolf On British Rail.... what is the worst thing that can happen to a small but motley selection of last train home travellers when they break down in a desolate forest?
    Shut In - She's agoraphobic and sweet and helpless.... so surely not too much of a problem for a gang of thieves who break in to her house? Well - she had issues with her father, and there is a basement - so maybe things get interesting....
    Scherzo Diabalo - the perfect kidnapping goes a little too well, but the obsessive piano accompaniment to the kidnapper's plan proves his undoing. Great Spanish fleshy and violent thriller
    Road Games - my favourite movie - a clever French / English twisting adult fairytale where no one is as they seem and a serial killer is on the loose in the idylic French countryside. The language problems facing marooned English hitchhiker adds too the tension. Good soundtrack too.
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    Love your "in a nutshell" teasers Pitch. Must check some of them out.
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