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  • Wolfpack

    Anyone else seen this yet? Moments of unbridled joy, and hilarity pepper a truly sad tale of one mans fear and control freakery of the highest order. Very moving in parts. Obviously an enormous elephant in the room which remained only hinted at. I can't work out how the mother can home school the kids and apparently nobody checks up that things are going ok. Surely the kids interaction with human beings outside of the immediate family is as important as their academic education? When the dad eventually appeared I had to stop myself shouting abuse at the screen. I don't even like seeing birds in cages, let alone people. Left the cinema feeling sad and annoyed, under a wide open, star filled sky....TWAT.....there I've said it.
    Everyone tear down your own little wall
    That keeps you from being a part of it all
    Because you've got to be one with the one and all
    You've just got to be close to it all