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Snipers, Shills and Sharks: EBay and Human Behaviour

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  • Snipers, Shills and Sharks: EBay and Human Behaviour

    On maaan. Y'all just got theorised baby....

    "There is a wealth of interesting detail about how eBay actually works in practice, along with lessons to be drawn from the theory. Graduate students in economics and allied fields will see this book as a very nice reader were they thinking of doing research in the area of auctions in general and eBay in particular. Steiglitz offers a useful gateway for those interested in delving deeper into this topic area. The book is invaluable for instructors looking to offer a course on electronic auctions." -- John Morgan

    The book does a lot more than just explain why eBay works the way it does, however. As promised in the subtitle, Steiglitz also explores the quirks of human behavior in auctions, both on eBay and elsewhere, which have as much to do with psychology as with brute economic logic. . .. Steiglitz's book is an admirable achievement: a short, readable account of the economic theory of auctions that doesn't pound the reader into stupefaction with equations or some of the other dry-as-bones notions economists often invoke.--Mark Buchanan "New Scientist "

    In this interesting, well-written book, Steiglitz summarizes the basic literature on auction theory, with particular emphasis on eBay auctions...It of interest to anyone who wants a basic introduction to auction theory or who uses eBay.--D.F. Sheets "Choice "

    What Steiglitz does well is discuss the quirks of eBay. He himself is a regular user and this allows him to comment with some authority upon the many different patters of observed behaviour...This is an interesting book, providing a fascinating insight from an important real-world auction market, and this will provide motivation to delve deeper into the subject to many a non-expert reader.--Mark Williams "The Business Economist
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    Pub bollocks #203

    The e in eBay stands for ebola. No, it's true, mate. Honest. This bloke, see, he set up a website to update people about an ebola outbreak in the Bay area in like 1991 or something when there was only a few websites, but then he started selling stuff on the site and it all kicked off and went massive. Everyone reckons it's "electronic", but it's not. It's ebola


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      I sad to say I would find that quite interesting. Cheers Ian. On a side note I had a fiver on a few items from the same seller last week and to be honest was hoping to get outbid on most as its a tight few weeks. I thought I would be anyway and just be left the 'Lady Coryell' album that had stood at 0.99p for a week. Outbid on everything else so that was cool then the one I wanted went up to just under a tenner. Who's buying 'Larry Coryell' albums? I blame this forum.
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        On the subject of shilling ebay doesn't tend to be too bothered it. I've seen some blatant shilling particularly from one bloke who sells lots of German music. Not Mr Last though