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Local Scarecrow Festival

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  • Local Scarecrow Festival

    thought I'd share with you some pics from this years local Scarecrow Festival, the theme was Hollywood movies and stars

    Meryl accepts another Oscar

    A Fistful of Dollars (pounds actually)

    talk about outdoing the neighbours, these guys went really over the top this year

    but does this really count as a scarecrow?

    my lad is not sure about that cod-piece

    The Terminator even had a flashing eye!

    Jaws 2

    Charlie hasn't spotted Spiderman

    Jaws 3?

    I'm not sure this is actually a scarecrow

    these fellas were playing Alpine Horns in the churchyard

    a covers band provide the outside entertainment, yes they did Live & Let Die too

    the after-hours entertainment have a fag break in the car park, classy

    old punks watch a London bus go by, I dunno why

    man at work, perhaps

    there were plenty of stalls but alas, no records.
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    Bravo HG, Thanks for posting.
    The Jurassic Park Queue is golden.

    Elephant and dwarf they call them, Pepe Kalle and his little
    stage dancing friend Emoro.