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  • My first mix...

    After months of talking but never doing, I've finally managed to put together my first mix.

    It's real simple fading stuff really, with no jiggery pokery going on (didn't ant to be too ambitious) but was done completey on me Mac using 'Remix' and 'Peak'.

    If anyone's interested in a copy, just mail me and I'll sort you out one (I'd love an honest opinion as well).

    The Track listing is this:

    01 Cramp Your Style - All The People (featuring Robert Moore)
    02 If ItÂ’s To Be - The Max
    03 The Players Theme - The Sound Stylistics
    04 DonÂ’t Be Mistaken - First Light
    05 Orange - Gary Crockett / Dominic Glover
    06 Itchibian Scratch - Chris “The Glove” Taylor
    07 BarettaÂ’s Theme - Sammy Davis Jr.
    08 Lost In A Freestyle - Ice T / Donald D
    09 Joe Bell - Isaac Hayes
    10 Zanzibar - Earth, Wind & Fire
    11 The X and The V - Overlord X
    12 The Moving Shadows - United Future Organisation
    13 Get Busy - Phaze One
    14 Sixth Sense - United Future Organisation / Galliano
    15 Fragile - Isaac Hayes
    16 SheÂ’s A Dream - Average White Band
    17 Fire Escape - James Taylor Quartet
    18 Masterpiece - Grover Washington Jr.
    19 Learning To Fly - Earl Zinger

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    I'll take one off your hands, Mr Lovegrove.