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Big Daddy/Grand Slam...I remember them well!

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  • Big Daddy/Grand Slam...I remember them well!

    Every so often I'll look through those magazines and still find new information. Articles that maybe passed me by at the time. Records I wasn't aware of at the time and now own. Loads of records listed I'll never own. Great interviews with collectors, artists and charts from some of you lot!

    Even some pictures on walls and trains that yobs had sent in, glad I don't know any of them types

    Oh those were the good days....only have Wax Poetic these days.

    "Don't get involved in the f**kin' chat pages. It's just full of arseholes talkin' sh*te non-stop"

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    If anyone needs a copy of the last ever Big Daddy (that had the 1st part of the interview Rich and I did with John Schroeder, of which they printed the wrong version), I think I still have a few copies knocking about somewhere. PM me.

    Unpacking in my new house and have to reduce the amount of crap in my record room. Currently can't get in the door
    Matt Hero


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      [QUOTE=Matt Hero]the 1st part of the interview Rich and I did with John Schroeder, of which they printed the wrong version)[QUOTE]

      How was it wrong? Was/Is there a second part? Would have been interested in hearing about the Vibrations/Cymande years.


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        Word is that Cymande are reforming for new recordings and live conjunction with Strutt Records (Quinton Scott) apparently....


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          Yeah.... I sent George in an early version of the 1st part (before clarifications from JS) so he could get a flavour. The final version of Pt I never appeared (this rough draft got printed instead). Pt II had a load on Vibrations, Alsaka.... and some amazing photographs from his archive, but sadly was to appear in the next issue.

          Then, later on the while thing (both parts) was to be reprinted in the next issue of Grand Slam.... you can guess what happened then

          There's an important point here about getting involved with Rich or I. It will be the kiss of death to your publication
          Matt Hero