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  • Organ spanking

    rescued this from my local tip last week anybody know any good books (learning) records etc
    its a skyliner 245 great sound

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    I've never found any good books - I've looked for something like a 'chord dictionary', but get all mine from a 15 year old copy of 'Making Music' -
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      I bought a 70's wurlitzer learning kit from my local thrift store. Has 6 audio tapes which are a riot to listen to but the booklet is missing.

      God bless Fatso.


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        ive found one book that's not bad. found some stickers inside which iv'e stuck on the keys in the relivant places for easy chord learning,worked out a couple of small runs that actualy sound funky its great fun
        just wish id'e started younger instead of guitars ect...
        think i'll use this thread to post my recent finds

        the best of andre brasseur (palette)
        johnny lytle...vibes..great album stand out track for me (the man.
        herb alpert....whipped cream
        12 tops.....2001 stereo gold
        james brown.....plays new breed....inst earlier stuff (philips 1966
        happy monsters......kiddies bobby betty thing i think
        hits of soul ...stereo action orch....everyones a winner for me great album
        star wars galactic funk by meco.....
        geoff love big disco movie hits...
        zack laurence..taste of.....nice
        galloping hits....hanged man ect
        paul nero sounds,,nero's non stop hits....potpourri type thing blew me away love this album.(liberty)



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          I bought a Philicorda for twenty quid in a charity shop some years ago - I do a pretty mean 'Ode To Billie Joe', I can tell you!

          When I turn the volume up, all the neighbours think 'Could this be Alan Hawkshaw?'