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  • theeman
    a quid each

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  • llmod1
    Guys, I've had someone contact me to say they are interested in buying the following 12's from me. Can any of you give me a price to charge this guy, I've not got a clue. Btw, he is not connected to Vinylvulture; Thanks

    Take Three This good good feeling Elite
    Major Harris All my life Pop Art
    Ellie Hope Lucky Quality
    Strike one Can't touch me anymore
    Keer Back at ya Greyhound
    The Hudsons Show me you care Streetwave

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  • formigo
    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (emperor tomato ketchup @ Oct. 06 2003,15:44)]Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island

    There was some discussion fo this recently seeming to cost an unfeasible amount of money for something that was so big. But its good too - esp for those that liek Talking Heads obv.
    Yeah man, I'm feeling this one too...

    In fact if anyone has a copy for trade, let me know...

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  • emperor tomato ketchup
    Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island

    There was some discussion fo this recently seeming to cost an unfeasible amount of money for something that was so big. But its good too - esp for those that liek Talking Heads obv.

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  • theeman
    Chuck Brown - We Need Some Money - Mastermix
    Little Benny and the Masters - Who Comes to Boogie - Bluebird

    both high-quality go-go tunes, so worth next to nothing and they're also the UK issues so worth even less.

    great music though (probably not to many mainstream VV users' tastes&#33

    oh, and some of the UK Players stuff is quite sought-after by the European 80s funk scene. don't know about that specific track though.

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  • A de Vere
    State of Grace - That's When we'll be Free - Profile

    I did that one. Not bad if I say so myself. It goes for 5-10 GBP on eBay. I know that because I've done 'saddo' searches on it.

    There are some good tracks in that list. A real early '80s soul boy/girl collection of 12".

    I also have that Larry Page LP. He was a 1960s-70s record man, releasing the Troggs, Daniel Boone and a string of others on his Penny Farthing label. That particular LP is him trying to do a Love Unlimited Orchestra. There are a few good samples to be had on it (one track that starts with a spacey Rhodes pattern that I recall).

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  • ladyboygrimsby
    Johnny Bristol - Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (wicked late 70s disco/soul)
    Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me (if this includes the Latin Jazzbo Mix, it's a brilliant early Latin house/late electronic disco tune. Big Garage record and still works for me today)
    The TC Curtis is great, too. There's a really moody electronic disco dub on there. None of these are rare (they'd go for about a tenner each I'd say), but very good finds.

    Willie Bear Hale's Groove On is a jazz funk classic, though I think it's boring crap personally.

    I'd be interested in what the Take Three sounds like. I have Tonite (All Right) by them and it's really good electronic disco. The Elite stuff is pretty collectible (it was Andy Sojka's (Atmosfear)label) but I'm not familiar with those records. It's a hit and miss label, but the good stuff is usually really spacey, jazzy disco.

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  • sermad
    how was last night mate? I couldnt stay because that band were so awful my mates wanted to move on. Some fitties in there tho!

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  • llmod1
    started a topic 12 inches of pleasure

    12 inches of pleasure

    Here are todays finds. Along with a bunch of LP's I also bought 60 12". I've no idea if any of them are any good. I couldn't be bothered to look through them all in the shop so I handed over my £10 and staggered out the shop. If any one can give me any details on any of the records it would be much appreciated. I've got a feeling that they are probably all hopeless??


    Timi Yuro - Timi in the Beginning
    Petula Clark - Colour my World
    John Barry - Ready When you are JB
    Golden Hour of Childrens Favourites
    Larry Page - Rampage
    Mary Jane Girls - S/T (Double)
    Denni Wright - Pepsi (Double)
    Geoff Love - Star Wars (Double)
    Chas and Dave - One fing... - Not sure why I got this??
    Morris Albert - Feelings - This has a horrendous sleeve, going to be hopeless!
    It's Christmas at Mowtown
    Bert Kaempfert - My Way of Life
    Kiddie Au Go Go - Nursery Rhymes with the Teenage Beat of Today - This looks great!
    Lionel - Sings songs from Play Away
    Russ henderson - Caribbean Carnival - Didn't one of these go for silly money recently?? (Double)

    Primal Scream - Loaded
    Cashmere - Do it Anyway you Wanna - Philly World Records
    Risan - Eastern Palace - Saffron (2 Copies)
    Direct Drive - In the Middle of Spring - Passion
    Jimmie Gray - The Kool people - JKO
    Dynasty - Here I am - Solar
    Mtume - Green Light - Epic
    Fatback - She's my Shing Star - Polydor
    Mtume - C.O.D. - Epic
    Cargo feat. Dave Collins - Holding on for Love - CG records
    Paul Hardcastle - Guilty - Total control records
    Pennye Ford - Change your Wicked Ways - Total Experience
    Melle Mel - White Lines (Double)
    Detroit Spinners - Knack for Me - Atlantic
    Denise lasalle - Come to Bed - Malaco
    Art of Noise - Paranoia
    Rumple-Stilts-Skin - I Think I want to Dance with you - Montage
    Finesse - Feel It - CBS
    Willie Colon - Set Fire to me - A+M
    Dizzi Heights - The Gospel - Parlophone
    General caine - Baseball - tabu
    Tomorrows Edition - U Turn me On - CBS
    Love exchange - Do you Want me Love - Transrecords
    Take Three - This Good Good feeling - Elite
    Mr DJ - The Concept - 4th Broadway
    Robert White - Hold me Tight - Calibre
    UK Players - Everybody Get up - A+M
    Major Harris - All my Life - Pop Art
    Willie Beaver hale - Groove on - TK Records
    Tom Browne - Bye Gones - Arista
    Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island
    Ellie Hope - Lucky - Quality
    Chuck Brown - We Need Some Money - Mastermix
    Little Benny and the Masters - Who Comes to Boogie - Bluebird
    Multivizion - Work to Live - Situation
    State of Grace - That's When we'll be Free - Profile
    Arlana - You Can't Keep Breaking my Heart - Hitman
    Midnight - Push - Excaliber
    Ritchie Family - I'll do my best - RCA
    David Joseph - Let's Live it Up - Mango
    Yvonne Brown - Goin' Down - Motage
    Strike One - Can't Touch me Anymore - Elite
    Katie Kissoon - You're the One - Jive
    Rah band - sam the Samba Man - TMT
    D Train - Walk on By - Epic
    Direct Drive - Anything - DDR
    Dream warriors - My definition - (Double)
    First Light - Don't be Mistaken - Oval
    Keer - Back at ya - Greyhound
    Leonard Chin - What More can I say - Sanity
    Koko Pop - I'm in Love with you - Mowtown
    TC Curtis - You Should Have Known Better - Virgin
    George Darko - Akoo Te Brofo - Oval
    War - Groovin' - Bluebird
    Tyzik - Jammin'in manhattan - Polydor
    Storm - Rhythm of the Cit-Tay - Rhythm City
    Ingrams - When You're Hot - Other End
    Johnny Bristol - Love no Longer has a Hold on Me - Ariola
    The Hudsons - Show me you Care - Stret wave
    Midnight Star - Operator - Solar

    Sorry about the long list, any info much appreciated.