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  • 12 inches of pleasure

    Here are todays finds. Along with a bunch of LP's I also bought 60 12". I've no idea if any of them are any good. I couldn't be bothered to look through them all in the shop so I handed over my £10 and staggered out the shop. If any one can give me any details on any of the records it would be much appreciated. I've got a feeling that they are probably all hopeless??


    Timi Yuro - Timi in the Beginning
    Petula Clark - Colour my World
    John Barry - Ready When you are JB
    Golden Hour of Childrens Favourites
    Larry Page - Rampage
    Mary Jane Girls - S/T (Double)
    Denni Wright - Pepsi (Double)
    Geoff Love - Star Wars (Double)
    Chas and Dave - One fing... - Not sure why I got this??
    Morris Albert - Feelings - This has a horrendous sleeve, going to be hopeless!
    It's Christmas at Mowtown
    Bert Kaempfert - My Way of Life
    Kiddie Au Go Go - Nursery Rhymes with the Teenage Beat of Today - This looks great!
    Lionel - Sings songs from Play Away
    Russ henderson - Caribbean Carnival - Didn't one of these go for silly money recently?? (Double)

    Primal Scream - Loaded
    Cashmere - Do it Anyway you Wanna - Philly World Records
    Risan - Eastern Palace - Saffron (2 Copies)
    Direct Drive - In the Middle of Spring - Passion
    Jimmie Gray - The Kool people - JKO
    Dynasty - Here I am - Solar
    Mtume - Green Light - Epic
    Fatback - She's my Shing Star - Polydor
    Mtume - C.O.D. - Epic
    Cargo feat. Dave Collins - Holding on for Love - CG records
    Paul Hardcastle - Guilty - Total control records
    Pennye Ford - Change your Wicked Ways - Total Experience
    Melle Mel - White Lines (Double)
    Detroit Spinners - Knack for Me - Atlantic
    Denise lasalle - Come to Bed - Malaco
    Art of Noise - Paranoia
    Rumple-Stilts-Skin - I Think I want to Dance with you - Montage
    Finesse - Feel It - CBS
    Willie Colon - Set Fire to me - A+M
    Dizzi Heights - The Gospel - Parlophone
    General caine - Baseball - tabu
    Tomorrows Edition - U Turn me On - CBS
    Love exchange - Do you Want me Love - Transrecords
    Take Three - This Good Good feeling - Elite
    Mr DJ - The Concept - 4th Broadway
    Robert White - Hold me Tight - Calibre
    UK Players - Everybody Get up - A+M
    Major Harris - All my Life - Pop Art
    Willie Beaver hale - Groove on - TK Records
    Tom Browne - Bye Gones - Arista
    Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island
    Ellie Hope - Lucky - Quality
    Chuck Brown - We Need Some Money - Mastermix
    Little Benny and the Masters - Who Comes to Boogie - Bluebird
    Multivizion - Work to Live - Situation
    State of Grace - That's When we'll be Free - Profile
    Arlana - You Can't Keep Breaking my Heart - Hitman
    Midnight - Push - Excaliber
    Ritchie Family - I'll do my best - RCA
    David Joseph - Let's Live it Up - Mango
    Yvonne Brown - Goin' Down - Motage
    Strike One - Can't Touch me Anymore - Elite
    Katie Kissoon - You're the One - Jive
    Rah band - sam the Samba Man - TMT
    D Train - Walk on By - Epic
    Direct Drive - Anything - DDR
    Dream warriors - My definition - (Double)
    First Light - Don't be Mistaken - Oval
    Keer - Back at ya - Greyhound
    Leonard Chin - What More can I say - Sanity
    Koko Pop - I'm in Love with you - Mowtown
    TC Curtis - You Should Have Known Better - Virgin
    George Darko - Akoo Te Brofo - Oval
    War - Groovin' - Bluebird
    Tyzik - Jammin'in manhattan - Polydor
    Storm - Rhythm of the Cit-Tay - Rhythm City
    Ingrams - When You're Hot - Other End
    Johnny Bristol - Love no Longer has a Hold on Me - Ariola
    The Hudsons - Show me you Care - Stret wave
    Midnight Star - Operator - Solar

    Sorry about the long list, any info much appreciated.

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    how was last night mate? I couldnt stay because that band were so awful my mates wanted to move on. Some fitties in there tho! <- Changed URL


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      Johnny Bristol - Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (wicked late 70s disco/soul)
      Willie Colon - Set Fire To Me (if this includes the Latin Jazzbo Mix, it&#39;s a brilliant early Latin house/late electronic disco tune. Big Garage record and still works for me today)
      The TC Curtis is great, too. There&#39;s a really moody electronic disco dub on there. None of these are rare (they&#39;d go for about a tenner each I&#39;d say), but very good finds.

      Willie Bear Hale&#39;s Groove On is a jazz funk classic, though I think it&#39;s boring crap personally.

      I&#39;d be interested in what the Take Three sounds like. I have Tonite (All Right) by them and it&#39;s really good electronic disco. The Elite stuff is pretty collectible (it was Andy Sojka&#39;s (Atmosfear)label) but I&#39;m not familiar with those records. It&#39;s a hit and miss label, but the good stuff is usually really spacey, jazzy disco.


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        State of Grace - That&#39;s When we&#39;ll be Free - Profile

        I did that one. Not bad if I say so myself. It goes for 5-10 GBP on eBay. I know that because I&#39;ve done &#39;saddo&#39; searches on it.

        There are some good tracks in that list. A real early &#39;80s soul boy/girl collection of 12&quot;.

        I also have that Larry Page LP. He was a 1960s-70s record man, releasing the Troggs, Daniel Boone and a string of others on his Penny Farthing label. That particular LP is him trying to do a Love Unlimited Orchestra. There are a few good samples to be had on it (one track that starts with a spacey Rhodes pattern that I recall).


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          Chuck Brown - We Need Some Money - Mastermix
          Little Benny and the Masters - Who Comes to Boogie - Bluebird

          both high-quality go-go tunes, so worth next to nothing and they&#39;re also the UK issues so worth even less.

          great music though (probably not to many mainstream VV users&#39; tastes&#33

          oh, and some of the UK Players stuff is quite sought-after by the European 80s funk scene. don&#39;t know about that specific track though.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island

            There was some discussion fo this recently seeming to cost an unfeasible amount of money for something that was so big. But its good too - esp for those that liek Talking Heads obv.
            Enthusiastic vagueness passes for scholarship in the twilight world of the disc-jockey.

            John Peel


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (emperor tomato ketchup @ Oct. 06 2003,15:44)]Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love - Island

              There was some discussion fo this recently seeming to cost an unfeasible amount of money for something that was so big. But its good too - esp for those that liek Talking Heads obv.
              Yeah man, I&#39;m feeling this one too...

              In fact if anyone has a copy for trade, let me know...


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                Guys, I&#39;ve had someone contact me to say they are interested in buying the following 12&#39;s from me. Can any of you give me a price to charge this guy, I&#39;ve not got a clue. Btw, he is not connected to Vinylvulture; Thanks

                Take Three This good good feeling Elite
                Major Harris All my life Pop Art
                Ellie Hope Lucky Quality
                Strike one Can&#39;t touch me anymore
                Keer Back at ya Greyhound
                The Hudsons Show me you care Streetwave


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                  a quid each
                  Chops for show, groove for dough.