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  • Gentle Rain!

    on the back of the gentle rain says it's available on cassette...and WAIT FOR IT 8-TRACK!!

    holy mutha of coolness. Ive got an 8 Track car stereo in the garage...I would fit it and just rock 'lonely jelly' all the time... :biggrin: <- Changed URL

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    I have that, Gentle Rain


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      Sermad - do you want my 8 track version of Johnny Harris' &quot;Movements&quot; - no good to me due to lack of machine but I couldn't leave it in the shop could I?
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        Well, if Sermad doesn't want it, I wouldn't say no.

        My only 8-track is Witchi Tai To by John Schroder - it took me four years to find a machine to play it on, and when I did, I discovered the previous owner had wiped the first three programmes with the Mike Sammes Singers! Not that I dislike Mike Sammes in any way, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

        Still looking for a proper copy too..........


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          i've seen quite a few really good OSTs on 8-track - Shaft In Africa, Shaft's Big Score etc. Also a couple of Mandingo's.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            talking of 8 track, most people seem to forget that it was a massively popular format at the time - in the US it was huge. some 8 track info:

            history of format:
            <a href="

            weird" target="_blank">

            weird</a> formats:
            <a href="

            and" target="_blank">

            and</a> the daddy - in-car 8-tracks!
            <a href="

            ps." target="_blank">

            ps.</a> yes i'm bored
            Chops for show, groove for dough.


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              When I was a kid, my grandad had a Sand Brown Jaguar XJ6 with a tan leather interior and an 8 track player. I remember going with him in to the local record shop to try and find tapes for it, but they were all full of these new fangled 'compact cassettes'. Those things never really caught on did they
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