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  • Dirty harry main titles

    I got a lovely, clean copy of 'Soundtrack!' the other day to replace my scratchy copy. The reason this LP is worth its weight in gold to me is due to its inclusion of the original, un-edited version of the 'Dirty Harry' title music - exactly the version used on the film print.

    What I'd like to know is why was the version on the 1983 Viva release edited and the mix slightly altered?

    The drums sound much tougher on the 'Soundtrack!' version, and the brilliant, funky piano solo is included.
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    I can't remember off the top of my head, but is the version that appears on the 'Dirty Harry Anthology' the long or short version?
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      Shorter one. But it's only the piano bit that's cut out... I prefer the version on soundtracks too.


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        Heh, unplayed copies of "Soundtrack!" used to be a fixture on my trades list as a local store must've had about a dozen of them... but they weren't all together, they were distributed among thousands of LPs so I always had to dig for them.

        Anyway, that store's closed now. Never seen that LP anywhere else at all.

        Oh shit, I'm not contributing to the discussion!