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    Hey i'm sitting here this morning listening to my Achme Funk comp. And on side two we got sex machine by le robin orchestral. Fuck me I like this. Groovey, quirky and with some french vocals. Did they do any more like this?

    Also this got me thinking. As I'm off to the alps in a few months for the only legal white powder I know of, I'm gonna be in the company of a lot of french speaking people. What funk or just groovy tunes do you all know of with french vocals. Apart the le robin and one album, I only got a few mp3s and so I reckon its about time I upgrade and buy a few tunes. So far from my mp3s I got :

    Jacques Dutronc -
    On nous cache tout, on nous dit rien
    Les cactus
    Le responsable
    J'ai Tout Lu, Tout Vu, Tout Bu
    je suis content
    hippie hippie hourrah

    Boule Noire - Georgy Porgy

    Ceux qui marchent debout -
    Va ranger ta chambre
    the rest of their tunes I got are in english

    Nino Ferrer
    Les Cornichons

    And a couple of other Jacques take offs :
    Serge Nelson chante LES CACTUS de Jacques Dutronc
    Vanessa Paradis Les cactus (now this one I really like which supprised me).

    Also I got an album - paris groove up on atlantic which is a mixture of stuff in english and in french but quite groovy in places.

    Any more suggestions. Or even come to think of it groovy stuff in other european languages would be nice also. Any albums you culd recomend (not expensive).
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    Blimey, now you're asking: you could do worse than check out the 60-odd psych/gogo/french funk tracks at

    or try DJ Marco's Soulstrut Honey Machine Mix (which covers Japanese, French, German, Hungarian etc etc sounds like Chiyo Okumura, Katy Kovacs, France Gall etc).

    Or pick up the five (count 'em) volumes of the 'Pop a Paris' set on Universal, which between them contain 110 groovy 60s French cuts...all pretty solid sets. A few names to look out for (many featured on the comps, or reissued by Magic in France or elsewhere) are Michel Polnareff, Ronnie Bird, Blackbyrds, Jacqueline Taieb, Stella, Pussy Cat, Stone, Annie Phillippe, Anna Karina... but dodgy folk like Johnny Halliday & Sylvie Vartan also have the odd good track, and the more 'orchestral pop' stuff of Francoise Hardy (say 1971's 'La Question&#39 is pretty rewarding as well.

    For other languages, Ali Babki's 'Kwiat Jednej Noci' LP on Pronit (Poland) is ace funky psych... There's lots out there, both on comps/reissues and OGs, libraries, OSTs etc. Personally, I reckon almost anything that looks right from the '65 - '72 period is worth a punt if it's not too pricey. Be prepared to dig through lots of dire MOR crap, but the gems make it all worthwhile! Could go on all day, but that Popmeter jukebox is a good starting point...
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      As far as I am aware Le Robin Orchestral is a "cover-up" name. The track is by Michel Magne and called "Superchic Genial" (Hommage A James Brown) from a soundtrack called Jean Yanne. Unless there's some bollock rare 45...?
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        Originally posted by [b
        Quote[/b] (Mr Divine @ Oct. 06 2003,12:24)]As far as I am aware Le Robin Orchestral is a "cover-up" name. The track is by Michel Magne and called "Superchic Genial" (Hommage A James Brown) from a soundtrack called Jean Yanne. Unless there's some bollock rare 45...?
        Jean Yanne was the director of the films. he made a series of satirical movies, of which two soundtrack LPs are available. they look very similar (cartoon characters on a garish background), one is light blue and one is red.

        the albums are called:
        Moi Y'en A Vouloir Des Sous (this is the one you want - it's got Petrole Pop and Superchic Genial on it)

        Tout le monde il est beau, tout le monde il est gentil (this one's earlier and not as good)

        fact fans: cult French funky prog rockers Magma appeared in Moi Y'en... and performed an excellent chunky jazz-funk cut that was never issued on record (neither their's, nor the OST). there are some great movie clips of the performance on the web.

        hope this helps,

        Yours pedantically,
        Mr S. Obsessive of Tunbridge Wells
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          thanks guys

          thats quite some to be getting on with.
          Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!