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Can anyone think of a reason why this is restricted on discogs

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  • Can anyone think of a reason why this is restricted on discogs Blocked from sale from now. Is it an illegal repress, counterfeit, or what?.
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    No idea but ive got one kicking around somewhere... probably in the outpile.
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      Maybe the cover is considered offensive? I think Discogs has rules about that.


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        I've bought stuff off Discogs with far more offensive covers than that! How very strange.....


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          What's offensive about it?


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            Searching Discogs for "blocked from sale in the marketplace" reveals very little ...


            "Discogs policy is to block any releases from our marketplace that, through images and text on the release itself, are primarily created to incite violent hatred against groups of people based on areas such as their ethnic, cultural, religious or sexual identity, or with reference to physical or mental health. The decision to not allow the sale of specific releases is at our sole discretion. Items that are blocked from being sold in the Discogs Marketplace are not removed from the database.

            Discogs also reserves the right to block the use of the marketplace by any seller whose inventory contains an uncommon percentage of releases that feature hate speech, extreme prejudice against any other group of people, incitement to violence, or otherwise violate marketplace policies. If you are concerned about a release or releases you want to sell, please contact us before listing the item for sale."

            Doesn't apply to your case though ... release's edit history reveals hints about the label being legit or not ...

            Looks like cat number is wrong:

            OK, I give up!


            "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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              The only clue is in this edit:
              seehaas Edit Release
              Label as on release, for sure not Unofficial Columbia (2)
              about 12 hours ago
              I figure by mentioning that it is not Unofficial and using that (Columbia 2) he has set Discos bots into gear and they have blocked it.
              RYM has the cat # without the C as well. Will dig out record and look sometime.
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                yes. discogs has changed their policies against bootlegs and this must be a casualty.
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                  i had a load of bootleg Hendrix cds removed recently.


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                    Big crackdown recently on unofficial/boots etc. From what they said on Twitter, sounds like they were leaned on by various record companies to do it.


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                      There was a stereo (SCX) copy on ebay Germany a couple of months back, so its not a bootleg.
                      Banning it for being mildly sexist/offensive seems ludicrous.
                      There are far worse examples.

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