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    Some time back I mentioned that I had acquired a late 50's LP by this guy; title "Happy Cha Cha Cha".

    In fact it is tied to a, for its time, mildly edgy film. So, it has a wider range of moods than the title suggests.

    I still see stuff by him. Mainly fairly cheap. My guess is that it is mainly very easy, if not flossy. Are there any grittier tracks by him that anyone can point me to?

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    Do you like this? The rest of the LP is nothing like it though.
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      Yes I do. Have you mentioned it before? I've seen it somewhere and (prompted by your previous comment?) considered it. But the ask was too high.

      Last night I listened on Youtube to some of his stuff with Bud Shank. Their first (?) album sounded too lightweight. But I thought that I detected more of a jazz element in their third - that braced it up a bit.


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        He was in the group LA Four - and I quite like their first LP..... LA Four Scores - try this for size:
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