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I'm very glad they exist but I don't need to listen to their music

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  • I'm very glad they exist but I don't need to listen to their music

    Just noticed there's another Fall album on the way, 'New Facts Emerge', which must be their/his 500th LP or so.

    I don't hate The Fall, but I don't actively want to listen to their music, but I'm also slightly proud or perhaps I should say glad that such a stubborn bloke has continued for so long.

    I feel similarly about Nurse With Wound. I'm very glad they exist, but I don't often want to listen to them.

    Maybe it's just respect for individuals who carve out a unique niche.

    Also I'm completely unpatriotic, but somehow proud that both of them are English.

    Is that hypocritical?

    I'm also a bit jealous of their fans because they seem to be zealous in the extreme, as in I'd like to like their music more than I do and I feel I might be missing out.

    Well, speak up, say it ain't just me ...

    "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."

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    You're not the only one. seen them live twice, but only have one of their (his) albums. It was their 498th one.


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      sadly Mark E. Smith has looked better, this pic was taken last week
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        He appears to have turned into Mick Hucknall.

        Also, this:


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          Interesting topic for discussion 'Bands you don't like that much or get but glad they exist'. I was thinking about this in relation to some band the other day but completely forgot who they were. I'd say Mark E falls into this bracket though. I like their early 90's albums Extricate, Shiftwork and Code Selfish probably because that's when I had a mini Fall phase. I'm glad he exists though for things like being able to walk into a studio of people he's never met and do this.

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            Like with the old grocer's shop. Good that it is there, even though I generally shop at the supermarket.

            In which case, I suppose that rather than listening to the Fall I listen to U2.


            Hold on a moment...


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              Imagine if the Fall had a creative resurgence (I say that having heard nothing by them for a couple of decades, at least) and greater-than-ever popular recognition. Suddenly granted 'living treasure' status, there they are on the revamped "Nationwide". Co-invitees listen in respectful (i.e. terrified) silence as the Fall launch into tirade after tirade.

              Am I hoping for too much?


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                The core point here being 'is artist/group Z still worth listening to?' If they aren't and they never will be again then it is 'sad, not glad'.