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would Top of the pops work today?

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  • would Top of the pops work today?

    i really miss top of the pops. I wish there was something I could watch to see the latest hits for 30 mins once a week.

    could something like top of the pops still work for the youtube generation?

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    I hope not. I don't hear much in the way of current pop, but what I hear (I am assuming that it is current pop) leaves me even colder than I am normally.

    I would be interested to see a program in which they fake it. An exercise in retro. Pretend DJ presenters presenting a range of 70's throwbacks. A mob of actors pretending to be gormless teens mug for the cameras. The occasional off-the-wall incident to keep things lively. Yes, I can see that that would work.


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      Actually, now that I think about it there used to be a daytime program along those lines.

      Possibly from continental Europe. Fake stage show. Live audience, all 'of a certain age', shuffling around. One-hit-wonders playing a variety of non-hits in the lead up to their hitlet. The words to the show's theme tune were "Crazy people, crazy music" repeated.

      I remember being amazed once when they had Bo Diddley on.

      Bo still had it!
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        Probably it was the track "Crazy music" by Ottawan. Or a version of it.

        How I wish that I hadn't remembered that.


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          i used to like watching top of the pops. I didn't like nearly everything on it. but at least I could see what rubbish was number one. I have no idea whats going on in pop music now. no idea what in the charts. I don't listen to the radio. I cant be arsed with watching music channels. a handy 30 min segment while eating my tea would be helpful..

          also id like to watch re runs of tomorrows world


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            There was a bit of drama to the 'chart run down' aspect of it. Especially if there was a worthwhile track in the chart. Chance for a mixture of outrage and boredom as "Rhapsody of Kintyre" entered its 50th week at number 1.

            It would be interesting to see some of the Raymond Baxter era TW. Informative and with little pandering, in those days. Or so I would like to imagine.


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              Read this recently...


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                ace news.


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                  Originally posted by Paul-K View Post
                  i used to like watching top of the pops. I didn't like nearly everything on it. but at least I could see what rubbish was number one.
                  It's Despacito now, mate. Everywhere on the planet. For ever and ever.

                  I like that Mi Gente one, though.



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                    Originally posted by Harvey Mettle View Post
                    Knowing that Corden won't be presenting is a good start. Let's hope he isn't involved in any of the sketches either.